Friday, October 10, 2008

Clean pipes.

In my delusional little mind, you all have been waiting with baited breath to hear allllll about my HSG. *sssshhh! Let me live in my bubble!*

So first let me say, I can totally see why I have all these people coming to me at work begging for their Xanax early. That shit is great. I was SO mellow. Like almost la-la land mellow. Hee hee! I am apparently a light weight with stuff like that, I don't take anything other than ibuprofen and tylenol. So that was way new to me. Good stuff!

**this is NOT my HSG by the way. Just a random picture**

The HSG wan no picnic. But it wasn't NEARLY the horror show I had pictured in my mind. I was actually able to make witty banter with the people in the room after the catheter was in. And just like I was told, by whom I cant remember...but the balloon caused the WORST cramping. But all she did was let a little air out of it, and it was bearable. The fluid going in didn't hurt per say, it was just a bit uncomfortable. Made me feel "full". But all was done and over with VERY quickly. No blockages, and everything looked fine.
*sigh of relief*
I'm a little crampy. And spotting. Oh, and still leaking at bit.(how hot is THAT?!) Does anyone have any idea how long I will be spotting for? And how long before I can get "busy" if ya know what I mean? I was in such a rush to get the hell outta there I forgot to ask. That and Mr.Xanax made my head foggy.

So all in all. Not that bad. *insert sheepish grin here* Sorry I've been such a puss for the past week...ish.


Stace said...

I'm so glad it's over! I was waiting to know!! :) I was told to wait a few days... 2 maybe... before getting busy. And I was done spotting by the night. :)

Yay! So glad it's done!! Time to move on, right??

womb for improvement said...

That sounds all good (the news that it was clear rather than the whole balloon thing).

Can't help you on the spotting I didn't have any (it takes a lot to get anything out of my womb!). As for the how long after I asked the doc when I had mine and was told - a few days, once any cramping etc has past. Although my doctors seem to be fairly gung-ho about these kind of things.

Lady LaCasse said...

Dude its some scary shit when you really dont know what to expect. I mean how often do you get one of these done..right!

Megs said...

Glad to hear it went okay for you! Cant really give you much advice on the waiting or the spotting, they couldnt actually do mine that day and we have never tried to do another one. They soon scheduled my lap/hyst when they couldnt do the HSG.

If I remember correctly, they told me if I had spotting, it should be gone by the next day. :)

So...time to move on?? Good luck!

Xbox4NappyRash said...

done and dusted.

Were there any conclusion from it then? next steps?