Saturday, October 18, 2008

Psht. Piece of cake!

I just finished watching my "training" video for doing the injections. easy. I had to do my own insulin injections with my last pregnancy and these are VERY similar. The only one that looks like it MAY cause a little pain is the trigger shot of ovidrel. I may or may not involve the hubs in that one. We'll see how nervous I am at the time.
I've read all the info the RE's office has sent me, and I am READY to get this show on the road! I read the side effects of the Gonal F-RFF pen, and it gave me the dreary list of Breast tenderness, mood swings, bloating, fatigue, pelvic discomfort and possibly cysts. But y'know what?


I am so down for all of those things if it means we have a higher chance of getting pregnant.

OK, so I'm sure you guys have heard of Jon and Kate plus 8 right, well maybe all of you knew this bit of info but I certainly didnt....the concieved their sextuplets using an IUI with injectables. I thought they had done IVF. My jaw dropped. And I had to have a little converstion with K. It went like this:

Me: Hooooooney......can I tell you something?

K: Of course you can, whats up?

Me: Ummm, you have to promise not to freak out first!

K:*far more interested now* Ohhhh, thats a bad way to start a conversation.

Me: Promise?

K: Yes, Sarah I promise. Now whats up?

Me: well, you know that show we watch sometimes with the couple that has 8 children, six concieved at the same time?

K: Uh, yea...Jon and Kate right?

Me: yep, thats you know how the came to have the 6 little ones?

K: Nope, how?

*just noooot catching on...*

Me: They used an IUI with injectable meds.....

K: *blank look*

*Crickets chirpping*

Me: WE are going to do an IUI with injectable medications.....

K: *wide eyed* Oh.


Me: I mean, its a really low chance that we'd have THAT many...but you DO know that it slightly increases our chance for multiples right?

K:*lookin kinda pale* Er...uh...yea. Yea, I know.

Me: Are you ok with that? Like really really ok?

*loooong ass pause....much swallowing*

K: I am. Yes, I am 100% OK with that.

Goddess, I love that man!!


Stace said...

I'm glad things are moving along! The ovidrel doesn't hurt at all. I have the hubster do it only because I don't like the idea of giving myself a needle, but it doesn't hurt. Good luck! :)

womb for improvement said...

And I thought acupuncture was enough with the needles! I'm impressed with how chilled out you are (both with the needles and the 6 little sarahs idea).

Sarah said...

Stace- Thats really good to know. It just looked a bit bigger and like it had a bit more medication in it, that why I thought it would probably hurt more.

MFI-Nah, the needles dont bother me, they are really thin and short much like the insulin needles I have already become familiar with. You hardly feel them. Now if they were telling me to inject something in my VEIN....then we would have a HUGE problem!

PJ said...

Gonal F just made me really, really tired. My center doesn't do the pens, I think she said because you can't get the last drop of the stuff, and it is expensive. My vials contained 450-600iu's at $350 a pop. I think I used 5 or 6 last cycle. I'm sure with IUI, you'll do less than that though.

If your RE is nervous about multiples, they will let you know. I think with our IUI's our goal was two/three mature follicles.

Ovidril stings a little sometimes. Do the injection really slow, and pull it out slow. Ovidril just gave me sensitive/sore boobs.

I know how you feel about wanting to get things going! I always felt good about moving forward.

Xbox4NappyRash said...

6 little Sarahs... that man needs his head examined...

Sarah said...

PJ- we arent worried about multiples.

X-You cheeky monkey!

April said...

You do realize that BECUZ you brought that up, when you get preggo you will now have multiples? It's Murphy's Law, baby! lol

G said...

SO excited that you're getting things moving!!!! Good luck with the injecting, I'm sure it'll be a piece of cake :)

UrbanVox said...

good luck! but 6??? hehehehe
I am having trouble with 1 running around! Can;t imagine if I had 6! yayy!!

Just kidding. :)

BTW... First time round here... and am loving it! :) just added u to my reader if u don;t mind... :)

helloooo! :)

Sarah said...

April- Oh geez! =)

G- Thanks, I'm not to worried...the needles are REALLY tiny.

Urban- Hey thanks for stopping by! Glad you like it. I tried to read yours but my head almost exploded! Your blog gave me seizures. I am a simple girl. And it confused me! LOL!

Megs said...

Just letting you know...the Ovidrel shots are not that bad at all. :) I noticed that I had packed on a few pounds while giving myself the Gonal-f shots, but definitely enjoyed the comments afterward of how I look like I have lost weight :) Whoo hoo!

I asked my nurse the question about Jon and Kate Plus 8 and she just laughed at me. She said the chances are very low, but they are there. I think they probably get the questions about that all the time :) Glad to hear you are moving right along! Good luck!

Jane G said...

Somebody I know through an online forum had a medicated IUI and ended up with triplets, three baby girls I think, so you never know :o)

Best of luck with it!

SAHW said...

Sounds like you've got an awesome husband. :)

Of course you never know, but the odds of higher order multiples is fairly...I guess none of those families ever thought it'd be them either though. ;)