Tuesday, October 7, 2008


I have finally lost a bit of weight!
3.5lbs to be exact.
Now it could be because I took a nice hefty poo this morning(a 3lb poo?!), or the fact that I made sure I was as naked as I could be or it could be actual factual weight loss...I'm going with the last one! Why kid myself you ask? Well because it makes me feel better. Sheesh! And it makes me want to continue on.
Don't get me wrong, I still yearn for the almighty carbohydrates, and I had to stop myself from wrestling a waffle off of my monkeys fork. But I at least don't feel like I am torturing myself for no reason. 3.5lbs. Its no where near my goal, but dammit all, its a start! Only 26.5lbs to go!!

Friday is my HSG, and I'm a LITTLE worried. Not like I was before. But a little. And is it just me, or is it weird having your husband in the room with you? I mean...I know hes seen all of it already. But its just such an odd state to be in.....Laying there in a johnny, legs in the stir-ups with strangers down there poking around. I mean...I think thats about as uncomfortable as you can get. But he wants to be there for me, and he assures me he will stay at my side and hold my hand if need be. So I'm a little anxious.....

And thats about it....nothing of any real interest going on. I think maybe I'll hold off on posting anymore until the HSG. I'm boring the shit out of myself with this drivel, I cant imagine how you guys feel. *yawn*


Stace said...

My husband came in the room with me too. He had to stand by my side and wear an x-ray vest. It was so good to have him because it did hurt and he thought it was neat to see the x-ray in motion. Plus I ended up having a hard time walking and I got sick afterwards. So let him go with you-- at least that's my advice!! My husband goes to all my ultrasound appointments too-- he doesn't see what's going on, but he likes to be involved and there for me. :) Your both in it together and it's the least he can do.

Sarah said...

"because it did hurt and he thought it was neat to see the x-ray in motion. Plus I ended up having a hard time walking and I got sick afterwards."


But I will take your advice and welcome him in. =)

Murgdan said...

Oh I am soooooooo about to be feeling you in an ugly way. I have to start a low-carb diet. Ugh. Please. Bread is my friend.

Anonymous said...

They woulnd't let my dh in the room when I had my HSG. This was not the info I had received from the receptionist, and I actually cried.
But, it wasn't horrible. It wasn't good. But it wasn't horrible. And the month I had the HSG, I actually got pregnant. It ended in a chemical pregnancy, but still. I got pregnant. The second month, I also got pregnant. I am now 6w6d but I am totally preparing myself for this little sprout not to stick.
What I'm trying to say, is that the HSG really worked to clear the cobwebs. I hope it does the same for you. They say you're super fertile for 3 months after.

womb for improvement said...

Get your husband to stay up the talking end not down the business end. I didn't take mine with me, though I wish I had because afterwards I just wanted to get out of there but in retrospect wished I had asked a few more questions - that's where the boy comes in.

And Homer as a diet cheer-leader. Possibly not the best role model.. juss saying.

Jane G said...

I've never had a HSG so I can't give you any advice on that, but 3.5lbs - go you!

Casey said...

I say bring the hubby with you...let him be supportive...

Great job 3.5 is wonderful! You'll be reaching your goal in no time.

And btw, you are so not fat! I saw your pics, and you are beautiful!

Sarah said...

Murgdan- Oh me too! We love each other. *sniffle* I miss it sooooo much!

Pixy-Yea, I've heard that too. We shall see. Congrats BTW! Fingers crossed for you. My good friend is 7 weeks 1 day.

WFI- Homer's my boy! I live vicariously through him. hahaha! I'm gonna break the poor husbands hand if it hurts as much as I'm getting the feeling it will.

Jane- Thank you! thank you!

Casey- I'm not just narcissistic,I swear. My Doctor told me I am obese. Shooooot! I would be Om nom noming some bread right now if he didnt!

Megs said...

They wouldnt let my hubby come back with me, which of course, did not make me happy at all. It actually made me much more anxious. Looking back now, I should have demanded that he be in there with me. Because holding the hand of the nurse is nothing like holding your loving hubby's hand.

I wont give you my horror story, but my cervix is a bitch sometimes, so that obviously didnt help the process.

Good luck on Friday! Hope everything goes well :) and if you want your hubby in there, then damnit, he should be in there! :) hehe

Casey said...

Well, I am going to kick your doctors ass then. :) Seriously, you are beautiful...no matter what size clothing. And I have known you for a long time, so my vote matters!