Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Wish I hadnt looked.

They told me I could remove the bandages. They said if I wanted to I could shower. I wish I hadn't done either of those things!!

I am still in a lot of pain. And I am SO fucking full of air I feel like I cant breath. Not cool. I thought a nice hot shower would make me feel better. Was wrong. Was very, very wrong. I looked at the incisions, and that was dumb. THEY WENT THROUGH MY FUCKIN BELLY BUTTON!! Through it! Not near it, not under it......through the fucker! I wish I didn't know that. That freaks me out in all sorts of ways. Ack! Like the kind of freak out that makes your asshole pucker. And there is something in there.....not quite sure what it is. But whatever it is, I hope they don't think they are removing it. Whatever it is, is staying right fucking there. For their sake, I hope its dissolveable stitches and not sterile packing shit. Because they are not, I repeat NOT pulling anything out of my belly button. Its part of me now. I keep.
The incision on my lower left...its bleeding. Argh! Not a lot. But still its fucking bleeding. My belly button burns. The one on the lower right, feels like I have been shanked. They shanked me. Bitches.

Oh, and I haven't pooped today. Not okay with that.

All in all. This fucking sucks. I am in pain. I am FREAKISHLY bloated. I have mass amounts of air trapped inside of me with no way to escape. My belly button hurts like a mo-fo. I'm bleeding. My back hurts from taking all of the work load because my stomach muscles are useless. Will not be doing this again. WILL NOT.

And I'm on my own tomorrow. The husband is going back to work. =( And the monkey has a half day. I will be driving to the bus stop. I guess I wont be taking my itchy percocets tomorrow.
Oh yea, did I mention percocets make me itch? They do. Good fucking times!

Don't really know that I'm all that ready to be alone. Oh well.

I think I figured out what is inside my belly button. GLUE! Surgical glue. I remember reading somewhere that they sometimes use surgical glue.


PJ said...

Oh Sarah! I'm so sorry this has sucked so much for you!

When I had the hysteroscopy they did the gas too. It was very uncomfortable.

When I was put out for my egg retrieval, I was constipated for several days. I think it's the anesthesia that does that.

Feel better hun!

'Murgdan' said...

oh my god...your post made me cringe and sent chills all down my spine. Eeek. So sorry about your poor belly button...and everything else! YIKES! Feel better!

Casey said...

if you need anything at all...please call me!

Anonymous said...

This is my first time commenting. I have been reading your blog on and off for the last few months. Did you have a laparoscopy? Are did you have the surgery to remove the cyst? I hope that you feel better soon. Sorry for being nosey but I also have secondary infertility.


Sarah said...

Pj- Pain killers. They kill pain but they stop poop. No good

Murgdan- I'm still cringing!

Casey- Thanks hun!

Anon- Both. I had laparoscopy, AND they removed two cysts. No such thing as nosy, no worries.

SAHW said...

Omg, I'm so sorry, it sounds awful. :( I really, really hope the after-effects and other issues wear off soon.

Angry Infertile said...

AGH! You're scaring the crap outta me too!

April said...

I was WONDERIN' what the heck would be inside your belly button! Oh man, I've got goosebumps! And the horrible gas? I'm so, so sorry, that sounds MISERABLE. Hope you feel better soon!

Sully Sullivan said...

Yikes. I have never had surgery (not counting wisdom teeth) and I hope I never have to. You are a much stronger person than I'll ever, I probably would have been buried with those bandages on me. Good luck with the healing.

Lea said...

OMG it sounds aweful. And it's freaking me out a little. Yikes! I hope you feel better soon.

Courtney said...

Poor Sarah!

I didnt mind the bellybutton one as much as I did the 2 lower ones- my panties rubbed on them and caused them to be so sore! I was up and about soon after though cause I couldnt stand laying around!

I hope this surgery cleared out the cobwebs for both of us! Sheesh- what's a woman gotta do to get a baby around here?

Xbox4NappyRash said...

You women!

ET was quite happy they went in there as opposed to cutting open other bits.

She was full of air too, but she managed to, er, expel it.

Couple of days, you will be fine, I promise.

Kalina said...

Oh soooo sorry it hurts so much. My laparoscopy was four-five months ago and it’s no longer sore, but the belly button is still of a weird purplish colour, eeek.
Look after yourself. Hope you are better soon.

womb for improvement said...

I guess the tummy button hides the scar. But sounds like you are really suffering. Hope tomorrow is brighter.

Sarah said...

Sahw- Other issues are slowly resolving themselves. ;)

Angry- Sorry. Just telling my story.

April- Ack! Yea, the belly button thing freaks me OUT!

Sully- "I probably would have been buried with those bandages on me"
ahahahaha! Please no more laughter. It hurts.

Lea- again, sorry. Just sayin thats all....

Courtney- I wish I was feeling up to moving around. I feel like shit. Hopefully for us both, something good comes of this.

X- Belly buttons are NO place for boo boos! And My stomach hasnt seen the light of day is many many moons. I would rather a scar else where.

Kalina- I've got some good bruising starting already. UGH!

WFI- Screw the scars! Stay away from my belly button! Eeeeek! I'm feeling a bit better today. So so so tired and weak though.