Sunday, December 7, 2008

How many?!

Before K and I got married, I lived in this great apartment in Torrington. It was HUGE. Giant living room, good size bedrooms, a playroom for the monkey. And it was cheap. I was allowed to make it my own too. The landlord didn't care what colors I painted or what I did to improve the place. And I did A LOT. I painted, I put down a new kitchen floor. I repaired everything myself. It was great! I had made it into a place I really liked. But I hated Torrington. Just HATED it. And So when K and I moved in together, we moved in to a new place in Bantam.

The Bantam apartment was great too for the most part. I mean it had a couple issues but no biggie. It wasn't nearly as big, and certainly wasn't cheap. But we were out of Torrington so I was okay with it. The bedrooms were kinda small, but we still had a playroom for the monkey. And our yard was ginormous! And we had two bathrooms, which I freakin loved! But...."things" happened, and my husband "lost" his job. So we had to move. Again. But this time we had to move in with my parents.

We moved in with my parents alright. Right into their basement. K and I finished a large portion of the basement to use for our bedroom. And I gotta say we did a pretty damn good job considering we had never done anything like that before. Walls, flooring, ceiling you name it, we learned really quick how to do it. But it was fucking freezing down there. The one thing we didn't have was heat. UGH! Noah was up in the main part of the house so he was OK. Thankfully. But living with my parents was a recipe for disaster. It didn't last very long. 6 months maybe. And so we found another apartment in Torrington.

I still hated Torrington, but at least it got us out of my parents basement. The place we moved into bugged me from the get go. But I ignored my gut feelings and we decided we would rent it. K liked it and well, my thoughts and feelings just weren't important. This place sucked. We had to paint the entire place. Living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, both bedrooms. And the place was filthy when we moved in. I mean disgusting. So I had to thoroughly clean the entire place top to bottom too. It was a lot of work. But we did it. Once again.
The kitchen in this place was just NOT somewhere you could cook. It was, and I kid you not a giant square with a stove and fridge. THATS IT! No counters, no cabinets....nothing, nada, zero, zip, zilch. The sink and 3 cabinets were in a Little nook off of the kitchen. I hated that kitchen so fucking much. I love to cook, and I dreaded doing it in there. But whatever. Gotta do what ya gotta do.
However, the cock smooch landlords and there two devil spawn children lived upstairs from us. And they were the most inconsiderate peg legged freaks I have ever dealt with! They were so loud and rude, that my son couldn't sleep at night. We called, we begged, we told them how loud they were at night...they didn't give a shit. They said to deal with it.
I. Don't. Fucking. Think. So! Fuck faces!! And so we moved, yet AGAIN!!

And the place we are in now is where we moved too. I obviously don't need to get in to that again. And so.....I'm packing up our entire lives in to many many boxes and totes and moving again. I hope and pray to whom ever is listening that this is the last fucking move for a looooong time. I dont think I can handle anymore.

Wanna know what the time period is for all these moves? Sure ya do.....

1 year and 9 months.

Thats 5 fucking moves in less than 2 years.

*bangs head against wall*

I cant handle this. I cant believe I havent cracked yet. Its not to late though, I still may crack. Between the move and all the birthdays and xmas, and my husband pushing me over the egde....I could very easily end up in the looney bin.

Hurry up and wait I guess.


womb for improvement said...

Fucking hell! What is the new place like? I hope it is somewhere you can just move into without having to fix it up from scratch again.

Lea said...

That totally sucks. I hope the new place is in good order. When is moving day?


UrbanVox said...

that hurts!!!
both the head and the moving!!!
I hate moving too... can;t stand it! and hope not to have to do it in a loooong time!

ah.... tomorrow is the last day of the Drinks are on ME competition!!
Go on... leave your comment!!!

Courtney said...

I refuse to move again and I havent moved that much in my life!

You poor thing- come on over and I will poor you something tall and cold- like a Hurricane before you go insane!

G said...

I will meet you there in the looney in!!!! lol

We moved heaps when I was a kid, I went to about 12 different schools. I know how much it sucks, but remember how shitty the place you are in now is...

April said...

Oh my GOD woman, I feel for you! I HATE moving with a passion...but to do it for very UN-fun reasons makes it especially horrible! I'll pray to the moving-Gods that this next move/apartment/house is a KEEPER!!!

P.S. I thought of you when I ate tacos this weekend. :-)

Sarah said...

WFI- The new place seems great. Apparently the landlord Tony, has been painting there so I guess we wont have to! Woohoo!

Lea-We move this coming weekend...ugh

Urban- Ouch indeed.

Courtney- Drinks? I'm there!! I really wish I liked drinking more, I would totally stay drunk for the next few weeks.

G- the one thing I dont want is for the monkey to resent me for moving us again. Thus far I have managed to keep him in the same school. Even if it DOES mean a 1/2 hour drive in the AM to get him there.

April- I hate moving more than I hate working out....and thats saying a lot! The new place SEEMS great. We shall see.

Xbox4NappyRash said...

A change is as good as a holiday, isn't it?

Brittany said...

I hate moving, but that is extreme, I can't imagine how frusterating that must be. And we also did the living with parents thing between houses, lasted 6 months. 6 long months.