Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Death becomes Whatever, you get it..

I'm seriously starting to wonder if I haven't caught something horrific. Like the plague or something.

I cant shake whatever this is. I have had it. I cant sleep. I haven't gotten even remotely close to a decent nights sleep in 4 nights. I cant breath, Because of my nose being a disgusting combo of clogged and running, and my chest feeling like its going to explode . Which is always fun. And oh the coughing. Every time I cough I feel like something is ripping apart in my chest.
And now my right ear is crackling every time I swallow. It makes me want to scream. I cant even remember the last time I was this sick. It Fucking blows. Speaking of blowing.....I have been blowing my damn nose so much that it is now a lovely shade of red. Y'know, like those ridiculous commercials for puffs tissues where the little cartoons have the bright red noses...yea, thats me. Oh and FYI....the tissues with the Vicks in them, while they SOUND like a great idea, please believe me when I tell you they are NOT. They burn like mad!

I have been living on NyQuil, Tylenol cold, ibuprofen, mucinex dm, cough drops, tea, and tonight I will add benedryl to the mix to see if MAYBE, just maybe I can get some sleep.

I'll be doing my injection in about 15 minutes and putting the monkey to bed in about and hour and a half. Benedryl and NyQuil here I come!! Wish me luck.

ps....yes, I'll be calling my doctor tomorrow. First thing in the morning as a matter of fact. I'm tough....but enough is enough.


Hopeful said...

Sorry you feel so bad! *hugs* I had the same crackling in my ears so I saw the dr. who said there was nothing she could do because it was viral. Well a week later I still felt bad and she gave me antibiotics, a week later...cured. Hope you get some sleep. Benadryl will usually knock you out and helps you sweat it out.

Megs said...

Yuck...really hope you get to feeling better soon

Lea said...

Ugh. You poor thing! I hope they can fix you up tomorrow. Hugs.

April said...

Oh yuck! It sounds just like what half of the people I know are sick with (sorry, that doesn't help I know!) but glad to hear you are going to dr. Maybe he can give you something to help you SLEEP!!