Sunday, January 11, 2009

Quick update

Just popping on quickly before I get ready for work to give an update.

I'm still sick. Getting better, but STILL sick. I am so ready to be healthy again. I pretty much feel like microwaved dog shit. Gross.

I had another visit with the cooter cam yesterday. Four good sized follies. A 14, 12, 11, 10. And she said I had a LOT that were under 10. Being new to this, I'm not entirely certain if those are in fact "good sized" or not. But they seem to think they are. They left my gonal-f dose where it is and I have to go back bright and early Monday morning for more blood work and another probing.

Side effects: I have definitely been WAY bitchier than usual. =/

I have been really nauseous, not really sure if thats an actual side effect or just another part of being sick.

And oh my gods, I am friggin exhausted. Like I could fall asleep at any given moment.


'Murgdan' said...

Hope you feel better soon...geez, it's been long enough.

Gooooo Follies!

PJ said...

Doesn't it blow your mind how expensive that GonalF is?

The GonalF just made me tired/sleepy after several days on it. I thought the effects were cumulitive.

I always have a lot under 10 too. I think that's normal. Sounds like you've got a good start there. I think for IUI (you're doing IUI, right?) they wait until they are around 20mm to trigger.

Good luck!!!

Stace said...

For your first visit you definitely have a good set of early follicles! Keep them growing! :) Woohoo! And feel better!

Courtney said...

You go girl! I think that is a good amount of follies for your first visit! Keep them growing girl!

I hope you start feeling better soon! Poor thing!

My word verificatiion is "eggicties" That HAS to be a sign!

Anonymous said...

The first post i saw, when logged in on my return from Spain, was your follicles news. Well done.
Hope you are better soon.
I remember how awful i felt under the influence of hormonal treatment; feeling for you. xxx

Jenn said...

Sorry to hear you're still not feeling well. That's great to hear that you've got some good front runners! What cycle day are you on?

womb for improvement said...

If the Doc is happy with your follies, then I'm happy with your follies. No idea what it all means either.

Jane G said...

Hope you get well soon, and hope those follies keep a-growin'.

Xbox4NappyRash said...

At least it wasn't a man cold.

You got off lightly....