Thursday, July 23, 2009


Seriously, every fucking time I loan my child to his father, I get him back either broken or sick. And its getting pretty goddamn old.
This time around, he has an ear infection. "Swimmers ear" to be precise.
The kid has been in agony since I got him back on Sunday. Yes, I've taken him to the doctors. AGAIN.
We have antibiotic/steroidal ear drops that we have to do four times a day. Except, they don't seem to be helping. We've been doing them since Monday, and the poor kid is still in a lot of pain. Now, I don't remember ever having "swimmers ear" but I've heard its really painful. And I hate that he is in so much pain. I called his doctor yesterday to see if we should be expecting some relief anytime soon, and I never got a call back. Color me pissed off. I don't like being ignored, especially when it comes to my baby. That triggers the Mama Bear syndrome. Grrrrr! So I called again today, and it turns out I was right. He needs to be on an oral antibiotic. Hurray.

Speaking of the Mama Bear, my Jack ass ex-husband and his white trash skank girlfriend decided to smoke around my son the entire time they were on vacation. Not fucking happy. I have made it 8 and 1/2 friggin years without EVER smoking around him and those stupid ass fuckers couldn't make it 10 days. 10 fucking days! And so, I have decided to hit him in the only spot he cares about. His wallet.
First let me say, I am the best ex wife ever. I didn't ask for alimony. I gave him the house. I made sure I left him with all the things he needed. I have NEVER ever put any stipulations on how often he can see his son. When he was struggling financially, I let him skip weeks on his child support without ever bringing it up again. I never took him back to court when he started making A LOT more money, even though I should have. The court stipulated that he was to pay 50% of un reimbursed medical costs. I have NEVER asked for a penny of that. Until today that is. The way I look at it is, if he cares so fucking little about the physical well being of his son, little enough that he feels OK with smoking in a car with my child, then he can damn well start paying up his portion of the co pays. And so I totaled it up. Its a lot. Aaaaaaand its not even including the past ER visit as we haven't gotten that bill yet.
Maybe next time he feels like lighting up around the Monkey, his wallet will scream out and change his mind. The lousy Taint.


Mrs.Tiye said...

Well said. Damn shame you have to go that route, but money does talk.

PJ said...

Stick it to him!

hereinfranklin said...

ugh...I remember my father smoking the car with the windows rolled up and the stinky a/c on. Hope the little guy is feeling better.

Casey said...

I think it should be against the law for a parent, or anyone for that matter, to smoke in the car with a child. It's low. Poor monkey and his ear. It is VERY painful, just had one a couple years ago.

Xbox4NappyRash said...

Bang on.

Hit him where it hurts, wallet or testicles.

Then he'll listen.

Sarah said...

Mrs.Tiye- Yea, I really never had any intentions of having to go this route. But he has sorta pushed my hand.

PJ- Oh, I am.

HIF- Yea, me too. I used to beg my mother to not smoke in the car. It was so awful. I dont want my child around that, EVER.

Casey- I agree 100% I think its endangering a minor and should be punishable as such.
$80 later, and he is starting to feel better. Good old oral antibiotics!

X- Yep.

April said...

What the hell is WRONG with some parents? (and I use the term "parent" loosely). I think you are doing the right thing.

ANd I hope he feels better! I can't remember if I got Swimmer's Ear as a kid, but I did get some HELLACIOUS ear infections that hurt so bad. So I can commiserate. :-(

Chelsea Lietz said...

Good for you! Even I'm angry at him.
Sorry about your Monkey.

Bon said...

Go for it. I have no pity for those who smoke around kids. Good luck getting the smell out of his clothes.

Lea said...

My mom did that with my brother's dad (many years ago). You deserve that money, even if you weren't having to use it to make a point. Jerk. I hope you little guy is feeling better.