Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Four days

Until my yard will be filled with Zombies from all walks of life.....and my fucking "costume" pieces aren't here yet! Gah!

I've got some of my makeup. And thats it! I've put so much time, effort and money into this damn thing and watch, it wont get here on time! Color me pissed.

Speaking of makeup, I started my makeup artistry class. Last night was my second week. Thus far, I've learned.....um....not much. I already knew what they were teaching. Huh. Hopefully, I didn't just spend an ass load of money to be taught what I already know. Hopefully, my life sized barbie doll of a teacher will WOW me with something new and exciting.

We did each others makeup last night, and of course I got stuck with the foreign chick. I did her makeup flawlessly.

She, did not return the favor.

I ended up with HOT PINK shadow allllll over my eyes and the surrounding skin. I looked the a drunk tranny, on meth. Not a good look. At all.

And my instructor? Bah! She seriously looks like a life sized barbie. Except with jet black, obviously colored hair. And her hands smelled like garlic and something else. I'm not even kidding. Could she have not washed her stinking hands before pawing my delicate face?! What the fuck. I don't want to smell that! And I'm sure none of her clients would want to either.

Oh well, whatever. Its a necessary evil.

And thats whats going on right now. I can tell you're intrigued.


Amy said...

You rock and the rest of those garlic-y, hot pink eye shadow applying weirdos SUCK! Seriously, who even HAS hot pink eye shadow, and for what purpose!?!?!?!

Wish I could come to your zombie party! Muah!

womb for improvement said...

Maybe you could get your make-up partner to do your make-up for the party?

Courtney said...

I'm always intrigued by you.

I agree with WFI...let her do your zombie makeup!

I hope your costume pieces get there like NOW!

Sarah said...

I mean, I use hot pink...but very sparingly.
I wish you could come too, Amy! That would be awesome!

WFI- Uh, no.

Courtney- LOL. No way! I'll do my own makeup and it will look amazing. I'm not letting her touch my face again, unless I have to!