Monday, July 21, 2008

Clear blue smiles!

Not that I needed it, because I am pretty in tune with my body.....CM and all that jazz, but there it is a big ole smiley face. Courtesy of my LH surge. Which means I am gonna drop an egg soon. HUZZAH!! K's urologist has instructed us to use an every other day method starting on day 8 and ending on day 20. Tonight is day 10......bow chika wow wow! And with a smiley face too! Cant beat that. Or can you? EWCM? Present! Good signs, good signs.

I worry that all the planned sex is going to be a turn off eventually.....hopefully we'll be pregnant before that happens. Then again, sex is sex. Who cares if its planned!! Woo! Bring it on.
I will say, the propping the hips up thing is oh so sexy. If you like that whole "honey can you hand me my pillow so I don't lose any of the goods" thing. Cause really...who doesn't?! But its all worth it. I hope.
I'm gonna ask K to call Dr.C to see if his results are in yet. I'm anxious. And impatient. Have I mentioned I cant get in to see my new OB until August 15th? Fuck, fuckity, fuck, fuck! I just want to do this already! Sheesh.

On a different note. I've decided I absolutely MUST lose weight. Like ASAP. I ran 3 and 1/2 miles last night, which for someone who is so over weight is pretty freakin good if ya ask me. And I have started the SlimFast diet. Hooooboy! This is gonna be fun. Shake for breakfast, shake for lunch and then a sensible dinner. HA! Lets see if by the time dinner rolls around, I can be sensible about anything. Hahaha. Funny.

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