Wednesday, July 30, 2008

High hopes, but realistic expectations.

My husband said that to me today pertaining to his job, and I had to laugh because that phrase seems to be the story of my life right now.
I have high hopes that we will have a baby together,
Realistically, I don't expect that we'll be doing it the "old fashioned way".
Realistically, I don't expect that we'll be having the 3-4 babies that we wanted.
Realistically, I don't expect it to be a quick, easy, or inexpensive process.
Realistically, I don't expect it to work the first, second or maybe even third time. (what ever "it" might be).
Or maybe I should replace the word "realistically" with "pessimistically"?
I do that sometimes. I try REEEEEALLY hard to be optimistic, and realistic. But what I end up with is pessimism. I think I'm afraid of being let down continuously. Who isnt? I kind of feel that if I am expecting the worst, anything other than that will be wonderful! And if I expect the worst, and it happens. At least I'm not let down. Because I expected it.
But, I'll try harder. Try harder to focus on my high hopes. Try harder to look at the brightside of things. Try harder to focus on the positive, rather than the negative. Try harder to look at my glass as 1/2 full rather than cracked and leaking. I'll just try harder.

My hopes are high. For me, my husband, my son and the babies that WILL come for us.
My hopes are high for all of you and your spouses, and the babies that will come for you.
My hopes are high that everything will work out. In all aspects. So there.

I now have the song "High Hopes" sung by Frank Sinatra stuck in my head. Hahaha! Could be worse I suppose.

Oh! on an entirely different more surley note; That piece of crap Dr. Dick face CHANG has still, yes STILL, as in since JULY 23RD not called my husband back to clarify the results of his semen analysis! The only thing we know was what the secretary read off a post it note. Low motility and Dr. Changalangadingdong wants to re-freaking-test him in 3 months. 3 months!! Grrrrrr!!

Is anyone reading these? Dont you want to contribute your thoughts? Or do you just like my trucker mouth?
Comments? Concerns? Questions? Advice? Anything?
Me blog es su blog ( or something )


seriously? said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! First of all I don't count :) I didn't have to do any of the scary stuff, if I did, then maybe I could count! No hero here :)

I love your trucker mouth, it sounds a lot like mine. I had high hopes each cycle, realistic expectations kept me from jumping off bridges.

Our "full consult" consisted of him going over the forms we filled out for his office, looking at my paperwork from my OB (including stuff from my loss). He talked to us and told us that he wasn't that concerned, we were young and healthy. He did order tests based on some genetic abnormalities I had with my kidneys.

It was actually like a weird biology lesson. He was going on about hormones and temps and I was like, buddy are you serious? Like I haven't read stuff on this before I showed up at an RE's door...

PJ said...

Well yesterday I had this long, like four paragraph reply to your post, and I lost it because my internet blipped out.

I appreciate a good potty mouth!

About my last post, and your comment... (and smack me if this is tmi), but when you do IVF you want your follicles (the fluid filled sack that holds the egg) to be about 18mm or something and you want them to grown pretty uniformly. Hope that helps my post make sense.

Also, when my husband had his first semen analysis, he had to retest the next month. Apparently they get a new "batch" about every 70 days or so, so it can change. Especially if they have had a fevor or something.

I don't know about full consult, but I can tell you that I've had the battery of usual tests, which include day 3 bloodwork and ultrasound, a saline ultrasound, an HSG which is where they run dye through your uterus/fallopian tubes and xray it to see if you have blocked tubes or fibroids/polyps, I had a clomid challenge test to check my egg reserve... etc. etc.

My husband just had a semen analysis and then a full load of tests from the urologist.

It's good to have hope, but to keep your expectations realistic. It isn't an easy road, for some. Hopefully your diagnosis will be an easy one.

SAHW said...

Hi! Thanks for dropping by, I'm glad you found me and now I found you. :)

I hate it when the doctor's office doesn't call back...but I just keep calling them, again and again and again until they're forced to talk to me. :) I would do that for this SA - you deserve further clarification, and just being told to wait 3 months and repeat is not going to cut it.