Tuesday, July 29, 2008

One foot in front of the other.

Thats what people always say. Just one foot in front of the other. Like maybe I was doing in any other way? Well, thats what we're doing....one freaking foot in front of the freaking other. Only I keep getting tripped. But we're still moving forward. DH had his semen analysis done, I go for my OB visit on August 15th, and we are now scheduled for our very first appointment with Dr. I'mma help you have a baby. Our appointment is for 8/21 at 2:00 in Hartford. They want me to have my OB appointment first, and ask that copies of all records (blood work, pap smear, etc.) be sent to the office or that a release is signed so that those results can be faxed to them as soon as they are available (should it take more than the week to prepare). K also has to contact Dr. Stupid-Dork-Face-Chang's office to sign a release and have the UConn results faxed over to them as well. Dr. I'mma help you have a baby will be conducting a "full infertility consult" with both of us, but I'm not really sure what all that entails. If anyone has been through one of these "full consults" would you mind sharing? Please and thank you!

This is good. In a scary sort of way. We're moving forward. Good. It may or may not work. Scary. Either way, its one foot in front of the other. Just hope if I fall someone catches me.

OK, now with that out of the way, I have to rant for a moment. The comments from people, regarding infertility, or the fact that we haven't been able to conceive are absolutely fucking ri-cock-ulous!! First the
"just relax and it'll happen"
thing. WTF is that?! Seriously? If it was THAT easy do you think all of these couples would have put themselves through IUI's, IVF, and poured THOUSANDS upon THOUSANDS into trying to conceive? Gee....that doesn't make sense now does it?

"its just not your time..." Oh, please don't make me kill you! Not my time?! Are you fucking kidding?! Is that supposed to make me feel better? Really? So, please...tell me, WHEN is my fucking time Oh wise one? Do tell.

"when you least expect it you'll be pregnant" How the hell am I supposed to NOT expect it? We are having timed intercourse, I keep super close track of my body, my breasts tenderness, my cervical mucus, I lay flat after sex and prop my goddamned hips up!! I have been EXPECTING to be pregnant for a fucking year! Is that my problem? I expect it?

"Its just the way it goes sometimes" So, what your saying is...deal with it? Suck it up buttercup? Stop being a whiny baby, this is just how it goes. You get no baby. You don't get to make your family bigger. THATS JUST HOW IT GOES. GET USED TO IT. Fuck you. This is NOT how it goes. My husband and I are NOT going to let it go this way. So, go play in traffic m'kay?
People, who don't or haven't ever had problems getting pregnant just have NO idea of hurtful and insensitive some of their stupid ass comments or little tid bits of advice can be. So....shut your pie hole Captain loud mouth. Got it?
I am hormonal, I am emotional, and you have officially pissed me the fuck off. You might want to leave soon. I realize that SOME people really aren't trying to be douche bags, I do. But please for the love of all that is good and decent.......THINK before you speak. Please?

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