Friday, July 25, 2008

The weekend...oh joy.

Dr. Johnny Chang STILL has not called my husband back. Nor has Dr. Devanney, the last message my husband left with the twit at the desk was to PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE have Dr.Chang call him to clarify things and if HE was just toooooooo fucking(I added the fucking part) busy, then to have Dr.Devanney look at the results and call him. And guess what? NO CALL. Are you as surprised as I am?
Surprised, isn't the word I would use, lets go with really, really angry. That about sums it up. That freaking jerk. All we need is 5 measly minutes of his time. Not even face time. Fucking phone time. And we cant even get that. I have decided after talking with K and a very close friend of mine that has "been there done that" with the infertility thing, that we are going to bypass Dr.Johnny Chang, and all his incompetent bullshit and go to an RE, L is going to recommend the one her and her husband used. They were pregnant within a month. SIGN ME UP! As long as our insurance will let us go to her, thats what we'll do. If not, we'll choose a different RE. But we are officially done with Dr.Johnny Chang. After all this K finally fessed up that Chang didn't really seem all that interested or caring about our situation, he said he seemed sorta "ho-hum-yea-we'll-test-ya-yawn-who-knows-blah-blah" What?!
And whats with this 3 months crap? 3 weeks? OK, that I can understand...but 3 effin months?! 3 more months of trying and failing, 3 more months of wondering, 3 more months of not knowing what to do?! Nononono, I dont think so. He didn't even suggest anything. To do or NOT to do. Shouldn't we start treatment? If there is any...we don't know because the turd wont talk to us!! This whole thing just makes me mad mad mad.

And now the weekend....oh yay. *dripping with sarcasm* We have a wedding to go to. I love the people that are getting married, so I'm dealing with it. But if it were anyone else...I wouldn't go. For a number of reasons;
1.) Its a catholic wedding. With full mass. Shoot me now. Please. I beg you. I'm not religious, my husband isn't religious. This just isn't our thing. Sit-stand-kneel-sit-stand-kneel.....ugh. Can I bring my ipod?
2.) I have to cram my big fat ass into a dress,nylons and spanx(Google it) Now doesn't that sound fun?! I'd rather eat boogers than put on a dress right now. I feel so UN sexy right now, fat fat fat. waaaaaa!!
3.) Its in MASS. Thats a 2 hour drive. I get car sick. And we had to rent a room. Ew, its our on night, and now we have to do it in a room that is probably already semen ridden, and infested with all types of McNasty things! Woot!
4.) My son will be spending EXTRA time with the trian wreck my ex calls his girlfriend. Ohhhh, that is such a long story. A long, long story. I dont have time. Lets just say she is pure white trash.

Other than should be greeeeeeat!

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