Saturday, August 2, 2008

To test or not to test

That, my dear friends is the question.

All of the things I am feeling could be pregnancy related. They could also just be PMS. I have a feeling I might be pregnant. Then again, I've had that feeling before only to be let down either by that Bitch Flo coming for a visit or a BFN. I test now? Or do I wait. Wait for Flo to either stop by or take the vacation I so kindly offered?

Part of me wants to test, to get the inevitable over with. Part of me thinks I should wait, after all its only 5 days or so.

What do you guys do? Do you test early? Or wait for nature to take its course?


SAHW said...

I stopped testing early a year ago, and in fact, other than last month, I haven't tested in a year. I regret last month's decision too - AF was 1 day late, but I should have waited longer.
For me, the BFN is too much - it makes it too overwhelming and depressing. And I inevitably get AF on the day that I test too...
But that's just me. I know many who love to POAS. :)

Sarah said...

It is depressing. Utterly depressing. And yes, it seems for me as well that no sooner do I test... and Oh look, Flo has come to crash the party. Humpf!
Last month was the worst though. I had literally JUST peed on the damn stick and BAM. There she was. That was just a bit to much.

BoufMom9 said...

With my last pregnancy (the twins) I refused to test early. Actually, I made myslef wait until I was actually a little late, just to be sure (but, BOY, I was sure. LOL)
It is so hard to wait when you are desperately trying. I remember those moments all too vividly. I hope & pray you have positive results.
:) Debi
ps Thank you for all of your lovely comments on my blog. You have been busy ;)
And, NOPE, Sears never did call .