Thursday, September 4, 2008

Hurry up and wait

Well, its here. In all its glory.

Its still a bit "off" but I'll spare you the details.

You're welcome.

So, I scurried out of work to make the inevitable call to the RE's office to schedule my HSG. Only to find out from the nice polish sounding lady at the desk that;

Polish lady: "Dr. C is on vacation...."

Me: "what?! No!"

*I have been stressing and waiting....and waiting some more!! What the shit do you MEAN she is on vacation?!*

Polish lady: "Yes, I'm sorry she isn't available"

Me: "Oh, ummmm.....OK?"

*Soooooo, now what?*

Polish lady: "I can schedule you at the New Britain office, and we can have someone else do it"

Me: "Ohhhhh, hmmmm, yea....I don't know about that. Can I get back to you?"

*I don't fucking think so! I am sick of strangers staring at my hoo ha! Its mine! Stay away! I want Dr.C to do it!!!*

Polish lady: "of course, but just so you know Dr.C wont be back until the 19th."

Me: *sigh* "OK, thanks. I'll call back in a minute."

And so I talked to my husband, and we both agreed we would feel better having Dr.C do the HSG. So, we'll be waiting for the next cycle to do it.
One more month of trying on our own. I am going to be like a drill Sergeantt! And I want one of those hella expensive CBEFM's. I don't like those stupid itsy bitsy test strips I ordered from the bulk place. I do not heart them at all. I anti-heart them. But I don't think my DH will be to keen on me spending $200.00 on something I pee on. Oh well. I'll just continue with the other, much cheaper CBE one. It at least smiles at me.

And now, seeing as I have my period, I'm cranky, and bloated not to mention I have cramps....I'm going to to go make a piggy of myself! If it ain't nailed down, its fair game.



Elfie33 said...

You need chocolate, and lots of it, I think I have some oreo's in my desk...Not sure how old they are tho. I could send midol...too..if that would help..*hugs*

pixypink21 said...

Word on the CBE digital OPK. The smile makes me happy. And I figure i just have bought the CBEFM in my first months of ttc. I have spent more in digital OPKs. But I keep thinking, the month I buy it, will be the month I don't need it. lol

Murgdan said...

This whole thing is all about 'hurry up and wait'...while the rest of the world seems to have obtained some type of fast forward button...and are never waiting for anything.

Xbox4NappyRash said...

At least that bit of limbo is over.

Good luck with the HSG.