Saturday, September 13, 2008

I dont know what to make of it.

And by it, I mean this whole thing. All of It. It AKA IF. Here are the facts as of now;

  • I am 28. I Will be 29 in February.
  • I have had one perfectly healthy pregnancy.
  • I have had one perfectly healthy child. All without the help of anyone else. OK, the small donation from my ex-husband might have helped that along.
  • I have very regular periods.
  • I ovulate. According to clear blue easy I do anyway.
  • I have a pretty cervix. Woo!
  • Nice happy CM.
  • Nothing seems to be wrong with me.
  • I don't drink.
  • I do smoke, but I am cutting down. A LOT. I will be smoke free very soon.

  • K is 34. He will be 35 in December.
  • K, he has low motility. Not crushingly low. 47% out of 50% isn't that bad.
  • K has low morphology. Using the Kruegar method. Which states a "normal" morphology is 14%, K has 9%. How bad is that???
  • K has never had ANY children. He never tried, until now. That I'm aware of anyway.
  • He doesn't drink.
  • He doesn't smoke.
  • He is Mr.McHealthy.
  • He just had his second SA done, though we haven't got the results yet.

So, it seems to me (not to sound like a wretched bitch) that he is possibly the reason we aren't getting pregnant. Right? Seems logical to me. So, why in the name of all that is good and decent do we have to wait, and why the shit do I have to have an HSG? There are no indicators that there is anything wrong with ME. Why cant we just move straight into an IUI? Or something? Anything. Just get me pregnant!!
I cant even call my RE and ask her, because she is on vacation. Until the 19th. Obviously THIS cycle is out. *sigh*.

Also, how likely is it that we will get pregnant with his SA being what it is? Is it even possible without IVF? Will an IUI work? Hello?? Am I making myself and him crazy by making 13 days out of this cycle a sex-a-thon? We (mostly me) decided that seeing as the recommended every other day hadn't done the trick, we would go all out for this months Project Hump N'Hope, and do it EVERY day from day 8 to the 20th. Could we be making a bad choice? Maybe. But I had to try something different. We needed to feel like we were making every effort we could. Because what we have been doing for over a year now, hasn't gotten us anywhere.

I have a headache.


PJ said...

It's probably not you, but you never know. They go through the battery of tests to rule out things. There can be surprises. I've learned that!

The 9% morphology is probably the issue.

Our doctors tried IUI three times, and were going to try a 4th, but I insisted we try IVF. Those two were converted to IUI's, as you know with no luck. Our big problem, we thought, was that his morphology was around 1%. And yet STILL they tried IUI, and swear it works sometimes.

We thought I was A OK, but now we know that apparently I have some issues too.

The HSG wasn't really a big deal for me, I cramped for about a minute and then it was fine. I read to take advil beforehand, and I think that may have helped.

I know it's frustrating...

Murgdan said...

It could be the morph...but what was the sperm count? That makes all the difference...

If the count is high, the % morph may be low, but total count high enough that there are still plenty of normal sperm to make it happen. Also...for Kruger "normal" is >14%...but 4-14% is just 'sub-par', but still possible to fertilize.

Maybe IUI could help those normal guys make it to the eggie easier. Again. Depends on the total count.

You know I've recently become obsessed with morphology.

Hang in there!

Elfie33 said...

Wish I had some answers for you hun, but I don't. I could offer you come aspirin tho. I got plenty of those. *hugs*

Xbox4NappyRash said...

You need to take the 4 main factors into account for him.

Volume, count, morphology and motility.

That's what will tell you how much is is actually bringing to the game.

That's a simplistic view but a usable one.

IUI will involve washing the semen which means only the best of his boys would be used anyway.

womb for improvement said...

It may well not be you but having tests won't do any harm and you may as well rule out everything. Especially whilst you are waiting for his second sa result. After the comments on my blog this week about the husbands result I found this, which might put your mind at rest regarding morphology:
(I'd also got confused between mobility and morphology on my blog - doh!)

Sarah said...

Thanks guys! I knew I could count on all of you to pull me away from the proverbial edge. Just one of those moments.
Murgdan, I dont know what the actual count was. They are being douche bags about mailing us a copy of the first SA. So we have to wait.