Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Why must you tease?

OK...I'm warning you now, this is gonna contain TMI. Sorry. But not sorry enough to not tell you all;

Flo, is fucking with me. That wretched, wretched bitch. Today is the day she is supposed to grace me with her presence. I know it, I expect it, I have excepted that I am going to be violated and inflated with dye, I know I am gonna have to bear my bits to yet ANOTHER fucking stranger. FINE! DO IT ALREADY! But nooooooooo! Flo, that sick creature is playing games. *here comes the TMI*
When I get my period, I get my period. There is no dicking around so to speak, none of this spotting crap, I get it full force. Its the norm for me. But this AM I woke up, did my normal routine of stumbling to the bathroom half asleep to pee, and when I wiped there was the faintest brownish red on the toilet tissue. And I mean faint. I might not have noticed it if I hadnt been looking for it. Ummm, OK? So I figured Flo was gonna come barging in any minute.
Apparently not.
I kept checking throughout the day while at work, and nothing. It is now 4 friggin thirty and its the same. Only when I wipe. FAINT brownish red. WTF.

And so, I start to think.....hmmmmm, maybe......could it be.......is it possible? Am I pregnant?!?!?!
And so I do what any woman who has been trying to get herself knocked up for over a year would do. I got out my little pee cup, and did a pregnancy test. The strip kind. I hate them. I don't think they are that trust worthy. And they are to small. And I just hate them.
I digress.

BFFN. Big fat fucking negative


OK, so what the hell is up with my period? Why is it doing this? It NEVER does this. Like ever.
Is today day 1? Should I call the RE's office to set up the HSG? Should I wait until tomorrow? What?

Any thoughts?


Xbox4NappyRash said...

From our experience....

Spotting has become common where it never was before.

I put this down to tension. Stress fucks with your cycle a bit.

Our (useless) specialist always maintains that CD01 is the heavy bleed, NOT spotting.

I can not believe I have had that conversation with a stranger.

Anonymous said...

I agree with xbox. a) Stress plays merry hell with everything. I spot for two or three days now and I used to go 'woosh' about three hours after seeing the first traces. b) CD1 is the day you need tampons for. Spotting is just gearing up. Wait until it gets 'proper' before calling doc.

It sucks.

Hoping all behaves beautifully from now on.

Sarah said...

EVERYTHING has been perfectly normal, on schedule, nothing different or out of place. Until now. I never ever spotted BEFORE my period. Thats why this strikes me as being really odd.

PJ said...

I have trouble with pinning down DAY 1 also. The RE says it is when you get a full flow, as in, you need a tampon.

I have also always had a full flow, until we started the infertility drugs. They completely wreck any normalcy for me. But that's not your case.

It's so frustrating too. Because there have been times when I have spotted for several DAYS, until I can actually claim DAY 1.

When I call the RE to announce "Day 1" though, I usually tell them how long I've spotted.

Probably TMI, but I hope that helps.

Megs said...

yuck...the wretched brownish spotting. My RE tells me the same thing as everyone else has said...call when it is full flow. So I would say wait til then to decide CD1. I know...it sucks!

Elfie33 said...

Hope Aunt Flo decides to do her thang and leave.

womb for improvement said...

Of course you know what it is? This is the first time you've actually wanted your period so you can get on with the old HSG. So, naturally, it is screwed up. I had six moths of perfect cycles (in terms of timing) until I needed to book a HSG on the first day of a period and then it only arrived after 83 days and provera. Bastard betraying bodies.