Friday, October 24, 2008


I got my Box'O'Meds today! Along with instructions on how to do the injections and 3 nifty little ice packs that will fit perfectly in the monkeys lunch box. Shut up, it says right on them that they are reusable! Any mother knows ice packs disappear like crazy, its good to have extras.

So now comes the waiting.....I don't think there has been a time since my teenage years that I anxiously awaited the arrival of the dreaded red menace. I'm looking FORWARD to getting my period. Thats so weird to What ever.
I of course had to rip open the box of meds as soon as I got out of work....I had to! And I gotta say it was kinda like Christmas, if your Christmases consist of needles, very expensive medications, alcohol wipes and sterile gauze....which I'm sure some peoples do. But I was excited about opening it none the less. My friend referred to it as mail order baby in a box. Which made me chuckle. Not really sure why because its sorta inappropriate but whatever right?
So now I wait....for Flo. Maybe I should write an apology letter? heh heh heh! No, I think not.

And'll love this. Please read the following sentence and tell me what YOU see wrong with it.

"Good, we'll just let him think mommy got pregnant the HEALTHY way."

Anyone getting this? ANYONE?

** Bwahahaha! Just FYI, some guy/girl found my blog by searching for "gigantic jugs"! Poor thing, I just ruined his/her porn quest! Heh, imagine that...searching for gigantic jugs and hitting an infertility blog. What a let down. Sorry!**


G said...

How did you know... needles, very expensive medications, alcohol wipes and sterile gauze is exactly what I want for Christmas!!! lol

No seriously, that's what I want for Christmas :)

womb for improvement said...

Who said that? The bit about healthy way?

Quick postal service I'm impressed. Get jabbing.

Lady LaCasse said...

YEAH!!! BABY!!!!

PJ said...

A little box of hope? That's how I usually feel, anyways.

The irony of getting your period being a good thing, when you're trying to conceive will never cease to amaze me.

Lea said...

Yay for the goodies! Healthy way? Well, maybe mental health. :)

KandiB said...

We saved all our ice packs, too. Heck, not?! We saved all the extra alcohol swipees, too. We'll never need to buy alcohol, again (except for the kind you can drink ;) How do you know how people (kids) end up on your site? (I'm kind of a greenie)

Michelle said...

That is my favorite xmas gift! Tanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such nice comments. I happy for you that things are rolling along.

April said...

The "healthy" way???! WHO said that?

And I've never wished for someone to get Aunt Flo before...but I'm hoping she comes soon for you!

Xbox4NappyRash said...

Healthy way my arse.

Sorry about the search, that was me, I'm in the market for over sized pottery!

keir said...

The monster-in-law is the family equivalent of Yogi think you heard her right, your brain warns you something is amiss, and your muscular system freezes to keep you from committing the "Polish Salute" once you fully realize what was said.

All head-slapping aside, the kit is muy cool, and I've never seen my beloved bride so enthused to pierce her own skin... =)

Sarah said...

G-I will have to remember that. =)

WFI-Yea, they over nighted it. And I had it shipped to my work, so I got it even earlier.

Lady- YEA!!

PJ- Oh PJ, thats PERFECT. A Box of hope...

Lea- Goodies indeed!

Kandi- Hell yea, why WOULDNT I keep them? I mean they are perfect for lunches and boo boos.

Michelle- and thank you right back!

April- I know isnt it weird wishing for a period? I know its baffling me...

X- I should have known that YOU would be searching for gigantic jugs....

Keir- hells yes! I cant wait to be a user! And NO, you may not touch the needles...I and ONLY I will be doing the injections. =P

Kalina said...

It shouldn't matter which way mommy got pregnant - having babies is healthy.
Wish it all was easier and babies could be ordered for xmas ready made and wrapped in a box :-))
Good luck on the injections, Sarah.