Sunday, October 26, 2008

My question for the day.

Ok so here it is...

The video and the instructions that came with the meds say that the best place to do the injections are in the tummy. And thats fine, I think I can handle it. But here is my ridiculous worry.

My stomach isn't lets just say I had a 9lb 12oz child with my last pregnancy, so its not like it should be or used to be. Its a Thats it, its just a bit off. So, does that make a difference? Isn't that ridiculous?!

And here is the next thing thats been on my mind. I'm NOT complaining...I'm just sayin. Can I tell you how skeevy it makes me feel to know that I will be having a date with the dildo cam WHILE I have my period. Ew, ew, ew ewwwwwwwww! That. is. disgusting. Blech!

I guess thats it. I have the meds, I have the sharps container, I have the instructions..... Now I just hurry up and wait. There is A LOT of waiting in the fucked up game called infertility.
We WAITed to start TTC, and then WAIT to get pregnant. For a year!!
WAIT to make an appointment with the RE.
WAIT to have the HSG.
WAIT to find out what the next step is.
WAIT for the insurance to cover it.
WAIT for the meds.
WAIT for my period. *weird*
WAIT to start the injections.
WAIT for all those appointments.
WAIT for the IUI.
WAIT to see if it worked.
WAITing sucks. I am so impatient.


Courtney said...

Yeap.. I had the dildo cam date while having AF as well. It was pretty gross to me as well as it is a "secret" thing! I hate waiting too and I have tried to think that this whole TTC process is teaching me patience- what a crock of shit- but I am trying to be positive! I know I liked looking at my meds too! I told hubby I thought maybe we should name our baby girl Hope or Faith or something since that is all I have been hanging on to for the last 18 months. Let me know how it goes!

PJ said...

Totally nodding about the waiting. Waiting sucks!

I am strait up overweight. I just grab about two inches of flesh by my belly button and poke in the middle. Actually, I've skipped the grabbing part and jut poked before on many occaisions, and it was fine. You'll be fine. You'll be all like "hey, that was no big deal!".

I won't lie. Having the dildo cam while on day one is not the most comfortable thing. I hate it. But I think more on my side than anyone else's. They do this every day, day in and day out. To the doctors and nurses, it is no big deal. And if that's what you've gotta do to start a cycle, well that's what you've gotta do.

Good luck!

I'll be right behind you. Hopefully. I'm guessing my stims will start around the first of December for my next round. Guessing.

Stace said...

I just have to say, seeing your list of blogs where you have me listed as "pregnant" just caught me off guard a little. In a good way. It make my heart jump and it made me smile! :)

At my RE, the Day 3 u/s weren't bad. They kept it dark and the nurses focus on the monitor, not you. So, yes, it is awkward and kind of icky (definitely not my favorite 6:30am activity), but not too bad. It's worth it... and it really is neat to see the follicles and to watch them as they grow at subsequent visits. :) And, really, it's amazing how quickly you get used to being wanded. It's not a big deal in no time at all.

Best of luck!

Xbox4NappyRash said...

Just try to remember how much closer to getting this right you are now than a month ago, or two, or three.

Or a year!

Sarah said...

Courtney- Yea, its SUPPOSED to be a private thing...but hey, its worth it if I get a baby out of all of this!

PJ- I am not a good waiter. At all. I'm doing my best though. I'm not worried about doing the injections, I just wondered if my tummy being what it is would make a difference in the meds being absorbed. Its a bit stretched out. Big babies do that. =/

Stace- welcome to being pregnant! 6:30am...I'm allergic to being out of the house at 6:30am! ACK!! That means we'll have to leave our house at 5:30am!! OMG!

X- Oh I know. I'm really not complaining...just sayin thats all. I'm really excited and my hopes are starting to rise.
PS, 15 months.....

Xbox4NappyRash said...

Absolutely, it's nice to have a real reason to get excited.

Makes such a difference.

Lucky bitch.

Sarah said...

Oh X, if I could make it so that you and ET would be pregnant first I would, you deserve it.

Xbox4NappyRash said...


We all deserve it, there's no scorecard or anything.

So when do you expect to kick off with the meds?

Jen said...

You are fine - it just needs to get under your skin.

I was completely horrified at the thought of the CD1 dildo cam date! But's waaaay worse for the tech!

Lea said...

Oh, the waiting. It does suck! So glad you are moving forward though. Hopefully I can join you soon! We're currently in limbo...

April said...

Oh EW, you have to have the dildo cam while on AF?? I would be mortified! I guess I would just have to remind myself, it will all be worth it in the end though!

(My word verification is SUMPER...that just makes me it just me? LOL)

Sarah said...

X- I'll be starting the meds on Wednesday. Woot!

Jen- Oh fuck! I forgot about the stupid tech and probably her intern too!!

Lea- Gotta love limbo....and by love I really mean LOATH.

April- Yes ma'am. Dildo cam on CD3. Fucking gross. I envision a big mess. UGH!!!
sumper.....hee hee hee hee!

Jane G said...

Know what you mean about the waiting, it sucks ass. I've never had to do belly shots, so can't advise you there. My preferred site of injection is the top of my cellulite cushioned thighs.

Best of luck with it!

GoteeMan said...

Yep, waiting sucks... sure does.

K and I had 3 miscarriages before our boys were born, and then on the 4th pregnancy, she had to have heparin injections into her stomach, and guess who got to give them to her? Yep, ME... and even now, she has to have daily injections of B-complex, and weekly of Magnesium, so I am still at it - sticking her like a pincussion...

Being that the shots are in the stomach, I am guessing the are subq (subcutaneous - "under the skin"), as opposed to IM (Intramuscular - "into muscle"), so you don't need to go deep. Hopefully, you have short, small needles (5/8" or less, small guage). If you rotate sites, it helps keep down the bruising.

I used to pinch the area to inject tight, clean it with alcohol prep, and then inject quickly... going in slowly hurts more and bruises more... then be sure to draw back before you inject, so you make sure you don't get a blood return (want to inject into tissue, not bloodstream). Then inject slowly, and when you retract the needle, immediately put pressure with a cotton ball and then cover with a bandaid... I like "spots"... small and easy to deal with.

Hope it goes well for ya...

Peace & blessings to you and your family..

J/ (

womb for improvement said...

When my acupuncturist goes for my belly I just tense the few muscles I have and it goes in (and I don't have the excuse of having one kid under my belt, just a fair bit of beer).

Don't get me started on the waiting ...