Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Blah blah blah....

First I would just like to say;
ITS SNOWING! Ack! I swear I was supposed to be a Samoan and live in tropical climates. Which would also explain my girth...they are quite portly no? Anyway...yea, as I drove to my ex-husbands house to drop the monkey off low and behold SNOW. I am so far from happy about this.
Happy and the feelings I have about snow...winter in general are very, very distant from one another. Like mortal enemies even. So I am going to shut the outside light off, close my blinds and ignore it. If I cant see it, its not there.

Tomorrow is CD3...which means my date with the dildo cam and blood work. It also means I will be starting my injections tomorrow!
All of this excites me immensely.

Except the dildo cam.

Since when did these personal moments of mine become a spectator sport? I mean its bad enough that I will have my RE down there probing around while I have my period, but there will also be at least ONE of the following people in the room as well. Her intern who is a nice enough guy but seriously does NOT need to see my bloody bits(EW!) and/or a tech. Who again, I'm sure is just lovely....but does not need to be privy to miss muff at this particular point in time! Thanks but no. I just keep telling myself, that there will be(hopefully)a baby at the end of this. Its ALLLLLL worth it.
I'm not sure which makes me twitch more, the thought of being violated whilst bleeding or the fact that I have to have my ass OUT OF THE HOUSE by 6:15.....thats AM. 6 fucking fifteen in the morning! I just so happen to be allergic to being out of the house anytime before 7:30am. And even thats a chore some mornings.
I am not a morning person by any means. Just ask my husband. Or anyone that has come into contact with me before ingesting my morning coffee, taking my morning poo and being out of bed for minimum of a half hour. It ain't pretty. I am a massive grump. I hate morning. And I think its rude for people to expect me to be up and moving before 7:00am. I don't think people should leave there houses for anything except maybe coffee before 8:00am. But thats just me. I know there are some of you who actually LIKE mornings. You sick, sick freaks. But whatever, to each his own. Or something. Just don't expect miracles from me mkay?
I am a night owl. I like night. Maybe I was supposed to be a Samoan bat or raccoon or some shit. But the staying up late thing and the getting my ass outta bed at 5 thing, well they just dont jive, and so I have drugged myself. With benedryl. I'm a light weight, so hopefully I get drowsy soon. I've got my alarm set, and have given the hubby strict instructions to MAKE ME GET UP. The poor guy. My alarm can be going off, and I wont even hear it. I have had conversations with him and not remembered them. I have to remind him that me grunting or mumbling something in his general direction does NOT mean I am awake. It means he has disturbed me, and I am trying to make him go away. I have to have an actual coherent conversation.
I have a feeling that despite the disgusting hour that I will be forced to wake up, I'm excited enough about moving forward that it may lesson the McPissiness that usually occurs at that time of day.

Heres to hoping.


PJ said...

We are soul sisters or something.

Snow before November is just wrong!

Only good thing about the cold is the cozy clothes. And soup, I love soup. And candles. And stuff. I get over all that about February though.

Getting up early, I'm with you there! My job forces me to get up before six, and my students know not to really talk with me until after 8:30. During the summer, it's like 9 or 10 every morning and midnight or one at night. Ahhh... summer goodness!

May you have tons and tons of resting follicles, just ready to be ripened by your glorious box-o-meds! It'll all be worth the 2 second uncomfortableness of the dildo cam.

JJ said...

Ack! Send me some of that snow--we hardly get any in NC.
Thinking lots of follie thoughts for you!

AmyC623 said...

Well I am hoping that a miracle happens and you wake up excited and invigorated for the snow/CD3dildo cam experience in the morning. I will be thinking shiny, happy morning thoughts for you!

SAHW said...

Omg, I thought I was the only unlucky one getting snow! I am so with you...I hate winter!

I definitely had trouble with the dildo cam day 3 appt...it just seemed really wrong. But you gotta do what you gotta do. :)

G said...

Haha I have random conversations with my hubby while I am sleeping, and have no idea they occurred!!

Hate to brag, but we're just getting into warm weather here. Thank god Winter is gone, you guys can keep it over there lol

Best of luck for your early morning date with the dildo cam :)

'Murgdan' said...

...as I read your blog at 5:20am, drinking my coffee, wishing I didn't have to be at work by 6:30am for the next 2 months (but after that I can make my hours).

Good luck with the dildo cam today...think of that end goal and you'll get through it!

April said...

I heard on the weather forecast that there was a chance for some flakes but I totally didn't believe it! LOL Crazy, snow in October.
Good luck today with the bloody probe!!! ;-)

Deborah said...

Snow-dang...I hate the cold! I am not a morning person either, but I can't really say I'm a night person, shoot, I'd just sleep all the time if I could.

Hope your appointment is not as bad as your expect, maybe being half asleep will be a good thing.

Seriously? - Erin said...

LOL. Oh hilarious. I was always dreading the date with the dildo cam during bleeding. I never had to so I can't help you there but the thought totoally grosses me out.

It snowed here too (NJ) and even by my house (6 blocks from ocean) which is unheard of for Octoboer! I will be checking in to see how it goes.

KandiB said...

Here's to a VERY large cup of coffee. And, by the time you read this comment, your appointment will be OVER! Yay! Chalk it up to experience, right?

Lea said...

I'm not a morning person either. I can totally relate! But YAY for moving forward!!! Lots of luck with the start of injections. :)

Anonymous said...

Its ALLLLLL worth it!