Wednesday, October 29, 2008


My body is a traitor! A lying whore of a traitor!

This cycle has been canceled due to a cyst the size of a small lime on my right ovary. Over 5cm! I'll wait while you get your rulers..........yea, 5cm....... big huh?
I now have to take birth control. For a month. BIRTH FUCKING CONTROL**! Yea, HI....I'm trying to get pregnant. OK, here have some fucking birth control.

Shit, fuck, shit! Stupid no good, lying, piece of shit, traitor of a body!

So I dragged my ass outta the house at the ungodly hour of 6:15, went a got stuck with the biggest fucking needle I have ever seen, was violated by a nurse while I have my period.....and FOR WHAT?!
TO BE PUT ON BIRTH CONTROL FOR A MONTH! Because my useless body has yet again revolted. Bitch.

I plan to drink myself silly at the upcoming Halloween parties. Booze. Give it to me.

**and HOPE like hell that it goes the fuck away!


Rach said...

SARAH! What a crock! That sucks to high hell! Hope you enjoy the boozin!

Lea said...

Sarah! I'm so sorry! I hope you'll be back at it in no time. {{Hugs}}

womb for improvement said...


I am using what my Doctor described as a "Sheeef" whilst the drugs try and sort me out. It is completely counterintuative but a couple more months is nothing compared to how long we have waited so far.

Not help? Ok. Well I am well stuck into the booze. Join me.

Anonymous said...

Oh no, I soo sorry Sarah. At least it's just for one month. xxx

Xbox4NappyRash said...

Fuck, sorry.

How have they only caught that now and not during your recent exams?

G said...

NO!!!! That sucks the big one.

Drink up I say, Drink UP.

Sarah said...

Rach- Yea..those were my thoughts, except mine were MUCH more colorful!

Lea- We'll see how the conversation goes with Dr.C tomorrow.

WFI- Oh, I plan on being a regular lush for the next month!

Kalina- Well, its looking like I may be out for a bit longer...we'll see.

X- It wasnt there the last time I was wanded, in August. And I dont know if a cyst would have shown up on an x-ray...

G-Oh, I plan on it!

AmyC623 said...

That is seriously ridiculous. Your ovaries are just straight up being bitches. I am sorry!

Anonymous said...

I have been there sister. Fuck. This. Shiiiiiiittt!!!!

JJ said...

Oh Frick! Im so sorry Sarah! Sending shrinking thoughts to the cyst!

KandiB said...

Just think of it as an extra month of hard drinking - who wants to drink sparkling cider with their turkey anyhow....and if you were part of my family, you'd need a LOT of booze to get you through T-day. That stinks, though. For sure.

Kelley said...

Get totally shitfaced babe. Cause that is total crap.

April said...

Oh for the love of GOD! WTF!! I'm so sorry, girl!

And if this is a stupid question, I apologize but why do they want you to take birth control for a month?

Sarah said...

Amy- Its only the right one. Stupid ovary!

Angry- Fuck it indeed.

JJ- Thanks hun.

Kandi. Ohhhhhh I will def need booze to survive thanksgiving with the fam. LARGE amounts.

Kelley- I plan on being drunk for as many consecutive days as possible. Because you're right, this fuckin sucks!

April- when you're on B/C you dont ovulate. Basically they want to shut down my ovaries for a month. However...that plan has changed, more on that later. I gotta get back to work!

Jane G said...

What a bummer. Enjoy the booze. You deserve it!