Friday, November 14, 2008

To tired to think of a witty title.

First day back to work.

Oh. My. Goddess.

I am fucking beat. I am sore. I am tired. I am UNDER FUCKING APPRECIATED. I am angry. I had to squeeze my swollen self into a pair of respectable work pants which was a feat in itself. I could hardly reach my shoes to tie them because bending at the waist fucking sucked. But I did it. I got in the car, which again was not easy. I'm short so I have to hoist myself in there on a normal day so today was extra fun. The drive there sucked.
The entire day was exhausting. I did manage to make it through the entire shift ON MY FEET. I didn't stab anyone in the eye. I didn't swear at anyone. I am a fucking warrior!

And then what did my dumb ass do?

Walked up a big ass hill to the bus stop. Shit for brains I tell ya. Winded. Aching. Mad as hell.

Am no longer a warrior.

Am a sad, weak shell of a warrior. Ugh.

My husband does not appreciate all I have been through. He does not realize the torture I put my body through. He does not recognize the mental fatigue. He is a dumb man. Again I state I am UNDER FUCKING APPRECIATED. I am angry. And y'know what....I'm a bit sad as well.

Now if you'll excuse me I must go finish cooking my hard working loving husband his DINNER.

If I didn't have to eat it, I would spit in it. But I'm hungry.....I worked all day. Must have strength for when he decides to pick a fight.


** I typically don't do the husband bashing thing on here. But tonight, I'm feeling feisty! **

PS...Oh, and honey.....when you read this......

loooove you! Ya big jerk.


Lea said...

Well, not to pick sides, but I think he deserves it! You should be resting. I'm sorry your day was so rough. Hopefully you can put your feet up tonight. After dinner that is!

womb for improvement said...

That told him! Hope he's made it up to you.

Sarah said...

Lea- Dinner was delish, as always. I enjoyed it anyway.

WFI- Yea, right.

Anonymous said...

This is men for you...
Hope your hubby is catching up on cooking & making it up to you this weekend :-))
Have a good one anyway.

Kelley said...

Bwaaaaaaa haaaaaa haaaaaaa!

You rock.

And you said fucker.

And I love that pic.

Now you are my new BFF.

Sarah said...

Kalina- Again, yea....right. He hasnt read this yet. He didnt even realize I was mad, until I told him as such. Apparently, I imagine things. Imagine that.

Kelley- I say fucker a lot. Fuck the fucking fuckers!
PS....I pretty much puffy pink heart you!

Xbox4NappyRash said...

Seriously, kick his arse.

btw that picture, is Dutch! that kid was photogrphed at a Feyenoord game.

See, Nice useless information for you.

Sarah said...

X- does no good. The conversation just goes in circles. I'm apparently WRONG. Pssht! I love the picture of the kid, I've seen it passed about many times and I felt it worked perfectly for this post!

Oh, and I LOVE useless info! Makes the world go round.

the cubicle's backporch said...

I hate when 'they' don't cook. And by 'they' I mean men. Mr. C has been slacking off in the cooking department lately and I've been all Suzie homemaker until I get it halfway cooked then I just get really pissed that I'm doing the cooking.

hee hee.

April said...

Men suck sometimes, really. I feel you!