Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Alternate title: My 100th post

Yea, get it. The countdown has begun to 2009.

Thank Jeebus!

I think Kelley said it best when she called this year a fucking ratfucksonofabitch year. Amen sista! She is just so eloquent. Thats why I freakin HEART her! Much like her description describes(yea, I said it!), this year sucked. It really did. So many tears, so many heartaches. I say fuck this year!
I say fuck all of the shit that this years has brought me.
I say fuck all the pain.
Fuck all the tears.
Fuck all the hurt.
FUCK all the assholes.
Fuck all the insults.
Fuck egotistical, compulsive liars.
Fuck skinny bitches(sorry)
Fuck narcissism.
Fuck stupid people and their stupid comments
Fuck BFN's.
Fuck Losses.
Fuck moving.....cause I swear to all that is good and decent if I have to move again anytime soon, I'm gonna lose my damn shit!
Fucking fuck!
Fuck surgeries.
Fuck my husband for calling me fat.
Fuck me, for letting him.
Fuck cysts.
Fuck Dr's visits an hour away.
Fuck the dildo cam
Fuck CD3 blood draws.
Fuck Infertility!
Fuck stupid morphology.
Fuck not getting pregnant.
Fuck broken cars.
Fuck slumlords.
Fuck being broke.
Fuck wanker bosses.
Fuck ignorant people.
Fuck liars.
Fuck manipulative asshats.
Fuck people.
Fuck size 10 pants.
Fuck 36DD bras! Cause they don't fit.
Fuck jealousy.
Fuck the fucking fuckers.
Fuck sluts.
Fuck the assholes that like sluts.
Fuck abortions.
Fuck miscarriages.
Fuck people who don't know how to be a parent.
Fuck them even harder if they wont learn.
Fuck smoking while you're pregnant.
Fuck not eating.
Fuck diet pills too!
Fuck back stabbers.
Fuck crazy bitches(and not the fun crazy, I mean the "you ain't right" crazy)
Fuck lousy jobs.
Fuck mean people.
Fuck the massive cock smooches who live to bring other people down.
Fuck letting other people determine my worth.
Fuck letting others decide when I'm good enough.
Fuck the south beach diet. I loves me some carbs. Obviously.
Fuck living in basements.
Fuck living in shit holes.
Fuck living with mice.
Fuck upheaval.
Fuck well meaning but utterly STUPID advice.
Fuck TTC acronyms.
Fuck being let down.
Fuck one stupid pink(or blue) line.
Fuck judgmental jerk offs.
Fuck hiding how I feel.
Fuck faking it.
Fuck 2007 while we're at it!
Fuck this...
Fuck you 2008, I kinda hate you. Really.

But I will say to all of you, you have helped me survive this fucking ratfucksonofabitch year.
You have been my sounding board, my shoulder to cry on, my new found support system, my comic relief, my friends. And I love you all for that. I hope 2009 is a nicer year than 2008. And I hope we all get what 2008 has denied us. Peace of mind. In some way. And if 2009 refuses to cooperate. Well....

FUCK IT TOO! We have each other...

Happy New Years to all of you! Heres to hoping.


Hopeful said...

I'm with you. I hope 2009 is better for all of us.

Courtney said...

I couldn't have said it better myself!

Thanks for your comment last night- it helped me to actually sleep all the way through the night. MUAH! Thats why I heart you cause you say it like it is!

2009 is going to be better for you!! Cross my heart!

Stace said...
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Stace said...

Hope your 2009 will be better! :)

Anonymous said...

Fuck it. Seriously. But make sure you fuck it with a condom,double bag it, because you don't know where that bitch has been.

Lea said...

I'll drink to that! I wonder if that's the most Fucks ever in one post! :) And happy 100th post - I'm almost there too.

C'mon 2009...don't let us down!

PJ said...

It WAS a really rough year. I'm looking forward to 2009, because it's gotta get better!

Jeebus, LOL!!!

Thank you Sarah for being there for me. I hope that very soon I will be cheering you on, and jumping for joy with your BFP!!!

'Murgdan' said...

Fuck fucking too...'cause it doesn't work.
Love you.

Kelley said...

I couldn't have said it better babe.

Here's to 2009 The Year Of Fucking Awesome!!!


and my anti spam word? 'fuhwoote'
I take it as fuck that then changes to WOOT! cause this year is going to be fucking awesome.

G said...

Hope your 2009 fucking rocks :)

Mister Crowley said...

Fuck expensive car loans, too.

Sarah said...

Hopeful- Hell yea!

Courtney- Thats right babe, keepin it real. Seriously. Smooches back atcha!

Stace- Me too. For everyone.

Angry- Ooooh, yea huh? Ew. Thats all I need is to catch something from that dirty whore of a year.

Lea- At midnight, I toasted to this year NOT sucking ass like the nasty year before it.

PJ- I'm so glad I stumbled onto your page. Like I said, I hope this pregnancy of yours is blissfully boring! Hugs!

Murgdan- Yea! I forgot to fuck fucking! Sheesh, I got so caught up in fucking everything else...oops! Thanks for reminding me love!
Smooches and hugs!

Kelley- My awesome Australian soul mate! Seriously, we could have been separated at birth. Or our dirty mouths could have! 2009....if it doesnt want to get kick in the balls, will be great!

G- Hope yours does too!

Mister Crowley- Shit yea!

Xbox4NappyRash said...

that's the best new year post I've read.