Saturday, December 27, 2008

Seriously. Where the fuck are my better times?

My husbands car is dead.

Not dead as in dead battery.

Not dead as in needs a massive tune up.

No, this fucker is dead dead! Like snapped frame dead. Apparently the only thing that was holding the back end on was the leaf springs.


Happy fucking holidays.
Its totaled.

We now need to figure out how the fuck we are going to get him a car. I've already pulled all the money that I had stored up my ass for Christmas. It seems my money tree is dead of right now, we have ONE car between us. And my car is on its death bed as well. Just waiting for IT to die. Fuck fuck fuckity fuck fuck!



womb for improvement said...


Kahla said...

*sigh* It's always something, I'm so sorry. If I had a money tree I'd send you a cutting. Hoping something turns up for you soon!

PJ said...

I second womb for improvement's fuck.

Things will work out. You'll find a way. Hugs

Xbox4NappyRash said...

shite that is...

Sarah said...

WFI- I agree

Kahla- If you find a money tree I'll give you my address! =)

PJ- I always do find a way to make something good grow from shit.

X- yep.

Michelle said...

Double Fuck! It must be a disease out there. I have had car problems, we only have one car between us and my money tree is dead too. WTF? I hope it turns around for you soon.

April said...

Car shit SUCKS. I hear ya. And to add insult to injury, right after Christmas?!!? I hope you guys get it figured out. Blech.

Kelley said...

womb for improvement took the words right outta my foul mouth.

Lea said...

That totally sucks. I hope 2009 is your year. I really, really do. Hugs.

UrbanVox said...

one more crisis to shatter!!
and I foresee you'll do it just fine! ;)
2009 brings loads of changes!!

let's hope and have faith they will be for better!!!

in any case... you'll do just fine girl!

stay blessed!!!
Happy 2009!!!!!!


Mister Crowley said...

Sympathies for the better half. My jalopy's in much the same state, drat.

Nice blog, though :)