Saturday, January 17, 2009

And it begins....

The two week wait that is. Actually I was told to wait 17 days, and call if I haven't gotten my period. Or call when I get my period. Which ever happens first I guess.

Yea, its been 2 days since the IUI. It went about as well as expected. Though my husband DID try to steal my thunder....he damn near passed out. Hahaha! Like seriously, turned a terrible shade of grey/green and got all woozy. The nurse had to jump up and plunk his ass down in the chair and get him a cold wet cloth. She then opened the door and had Dawn get him water....yes all while I'm still spread eagle in the stirrups. Good times. I had to assure him I was OK, only then did he start to turn back to his normal color. It was really quite comical.

My nurse has told me I am not allowed to test at home. Pssssht! Like I'm gonna listen. I read somewhere online that the hcg is out of your system within 10 I could, if I felt the need start testing on the 23rd. Though I'm sure its to early at that point.

In the two days since the IUI, I have convinced myself that there was NO way it worked, and then convinced myself that there was no way it COULDN'T have worked. I really have no idea what to think. I guess we'll know on the first of February(that would be day 17). It seems so far away. Plenty of time to make myself totally crazy.

For those of you that have had IUI's with long did YOU wait before testing at home?


'Murgdan' said...

Can't say I've had the opportunity...but still...wishing you a bearable 2WW. (not a 17 day wait--because I know you can test at home before then).

Megan said...

I've also never had IUI. Here's hoping for the best. Try to find something to distract you...Good Luck!!!

Jenn said...

Well this will be my first cycle with an IUI but with my last two I did have an hcg trigger shot. I started testing at around 10 days afterwards and I got negatives. So it does take around there for it to clear your system... unfortunately haven't had the pleasure of getting a positive afterwards so I have no idea how soon that can show up. 17 days seems like a long time, my RE's office tells us to test at 14 days afterwards. But I'm on progesterone so even if I'm not pregnant I wouldn't get my period until that is stopped.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...


Your husband sounds just as wimpy as mine. Ha :)

My doctor told me 14 days after my trigger shot. I'm 2 days away from that and trying with all my might not to test early. I wouldn't want to get a false positive. I would think you'd be fine testing before day 17 though--that's a really long time!

Good luck!!!!

Courtney said...

Hey Sarah!

I tested at 8dpIUI and got a negative so the trigger does clear out about 10 days after injection. I usually tested 12/13 dpo whatever was on the weekend so I could have my pityparty by myself. So I always waited til the weekend that I would be atleast 11-13 dpo. I too was told to wait 17 days. Whatever!! GL!!! I can't wait to read about your BFP!

Mandy said...

I always tested 14DPIUI,my RE actually has us test at home, and then if we get a positive we go and have a beta test. I can honestly say, I have never cheated, but I was deathly afraid of getting a false positive, I had to be sure. Good luck with this cycle, I know how much the 2ww sucks!!

G said...

Good luck!!!

Glad to hear all went well, despite the DH dramas :)

I've never had an IUI, but I say, those people can't POSSIBLY think you're gonna wait 17 days, and NOT do a HPT!! As if!!

Kelley said...

Day-um, that has gotta be hard waiting 17 days.

Hope it goes quickly for you babe.

Still crossing my internal organs for you.

Stace said...

I always wait exactly 13 days-- aka the night before the test. I always have exactly a 14 day wait. And I did get an accurate positive at 13 days, too! Good luck!!!!

Anonymous said...

I tested all the time. I tested just to see two lines right after the trigger. I tested at 9dpiui and got a bfn then tested until I got my period. Sometimes, I tested even through I got my period.

April said...

Ugh, I hope the 2ww (or 17 days) FLIES BY for you! Waiting on something you want SO BADLY is never easy. Good luck, good luck, good luck!!!!

KamikazeCaz said...

Eugh.. the 2ww. Good luck and I hope the willpower stays put!

womb for improvement said...

Men! That's ridiculous - although hopefully now he can fully appreciate what you have to go through.

Can't help you on when to test but i would be worried about getting too excited about a false positive so try and hold out, but for 17 days? No way.

Xbox4NappyRash said...

Pissing myself laughing at Anonymous...

Good luck.

Sarah said...

Murgdan- I plan to test before day 17...mostly because day 17 is a sunday, and that would mean waiting even longer.

Megan- Thanks!

Jenn- No progesterone here, I think she wants to wait until I have actually missed my period? Thats why the 17 days.

Anon- He thought I was in pain, which is why he got so upset.

Courtney- Fingers crossed right?

Mandy- The 2ww is freakin torture!

G- I know! 17 days?! Soooo not gonna happen.

Kelley- Careful girl, you're gonna permanently damage something in there!! But thanks for doin it anyway. Smooches!

Stace- Hmmm, good to know. thanks!

Angry- I gotta tell you, I have been fighting the urge to test just so I can see those 2 lines. Damn this 2ww is DRAGGING by.

April- Thanks hun!

Kamikaze- Screw will power! I'm ALREADY making myself crazy!

WFI- I'll try and hold out...though I cant promise anything.

X- Dont be an ass dear. And thank you.