Monday, January 19, 2009


I really, really hope that this IUI worked.

For many reasons.

One being the ever obvious I WANT A FRIGGIN BABY!
But there are others. Slightly more selfish reasons. I'm probably going to be giving TMI in this post, so if you don't want to hear about poop and my issues, I suggest perhaps popping over to a different blog today. Might I suggest any of the ones to the right, all very good bloggers. And from what I can remember, none of them have recently written about poop. One has however written about his visualizing his semen and sponsorships. If those don't sound like great posts to you, don't click here. I thought they were good, if that helps at all.

Anyway....I did not do well with the Gonal-F. I mean I responded well to it in that my little follies did great. Not I though. It made me incredibly nauseous. I broke out like a prepubescent teen. I was borderline homicidal. And dammit all, it messed with my poops! I don't take lightly to things messing with my poops. I am(was)a very regular pooper. I had a schedule. I had routine. It was always the same. Now, not so freakin much. I have no schedule. I have no routine. It is NOT the same. Shit! Er...or don't. Anyone one else have issues with Gonal-F? Cause seriously this sucks.
I need my regular poops back. I have to have them. My whole day is messed up without them! My fucking pants are tight! From poop! That is not OK. Not even a little. I look pregnant. Which would be great, if I was!! Right now the only thing I am convinced I conceived is a giant turd. Not at all what I had in mind.
I am currently trying to remedy this....because if I have to do the injections again before this is resolved....I may very well explode. And man would THAT be messy.

My mother always used to tell me I was full of shit. Now, I can safely say she was right.

Its only been 4 days since the IUI and I am already making myself insane. Certifiable.

It totally worked!
No friggin way it worked!
It totally worked!
No friggin way it worked!
It totally worked!
No friggin way it worked!
It totally worked!
No friggin way it worked!
It totally worked!
No friggin way it worked!

I am fighting the urge to buy a pregnancy test. Yea, yea I know I wont get accurate results right now. But it sure would be nice to see 2 lines. Even if they aren't the real deal.


Jenn said...

LOL - I soooo feel your pain! Actually I did capitulate and peed on a test that I had left over from last cycle. It was only four days after my IUI.... i just wanted to see if it was really true that you would get a positive afer doing a trigger shot. And yup - its true! So now I'm waiting and forcing myself to stay away from Walgreens so I don't buy any more tests - come Wednesday its going to be really hard!

Sarah said...

I work in a Walgreens pharmacy. I'm have chain myself to my computer so I dont buy one!

Megan said...

I feel your pain. I feel like I haven't pooped right for months. If it's not constipation, it's diarehha. I hope everything "comes out OK" soon.

womb for improvement said...

Thank god I'm not squeamish. Hang on just a few more days on the tests, though with temptation that close I don't know how you do it!

Queen Mutha said...

Three words - smooth orange metamucil.

10 oz of water to a quarter cup - and don't get the sugar free stuff. Take it before bed and you will have a poop the size of a small puppy!

Lea said...

That just doesn't sound pleasant! You could always test your trigger out. That might give you something to do for the next week. :) Hope you get the real deal very soon!

G said...

Oh, I do NOT like the sound of that, especially since I start on Gonal-F in 2 days!!!!!!! Are you sure you're not just bloated cos your follies are so large??? I hope??? :)

Stace said...

Just wanted to say that I don't think I deleted your comment! :) I don't mind other opinions... I upped it and will have to deal with whatever happens. :) Either way, I hope your cycle goes fantastically!

Jane G said...

Drink lots of water and eat as much fruit as you can lay your hands on. Always works for me.

While we are sharing TMI, I have the most terrible wind since I went on these antibiotics. If you dropped me in the sea somewhere off the West of Ireland, I would be jet propelled into New York harbour in no time. My cat really bailed out of the living room last night I was so bad. Now that's TMI!

Sending you lots of sticky bean vibes. How long before you can test?

Kelley said...

While I have not had to go through what you have. I understand the waiting and the hoping.

And the poop thing.

THAT is a total bitch.

Stace said...

Hope the wait isn't killing you!! Can't wait for test day! (Even if it's unofficial test day!)