Wednesday, January 21, 2009

My boobs hurt.

And no, I don't think it is the trigger shot. Its out of my system already. Trust me.
Seriously these things are killing me! To the point that it hurts to set them free, taking my bra off and letting them loose feels like I'm hanging lead weights from them. Not fun.

On a brighter note...I'm no longer experiencing bathroom issues. Woo hoo! Does it make me seem really weird that poop brings me such joy?
I submit that it does not!
I don't care what you say, pooping is great...until you cant, or its not quite right. But all is well in the land of poo, and now I can stop talking about it.

I am just about 1/2 way through this mind fuck of a 2ww, and this has been the SLOWEST fucking 6 days eva!
Like dragging its ass across the living room carpet type slow. Scoootch. Scoooootch. Scoooooootch..... Hurry the fuck up and get it over with would ya?!
And I have been having the most fucked up dreams lately. Some baby dreams, some pregnancy dreams, some just plain fuckin weird dreams. I'm trying really hard to NOT read into anything. Nothing. But fuck me, its not easy. Sometimes it works.....others not so much. I plan to test at 10piui and 14dpiui. Fuck this waiting 17 days nonsense. Don't they know I am neurotic enough?


Courtney said...

YAY for sore boobs!! Mine started at 6/7dpo!!

I can't poop either and it suicks ass!

Fiingers crossed for you!! Hang in there! What day are you testing??

Lea said...

Hurray for sore boobs! Fingers crossed that you get a nice line at 10dpo. That's only 4 more days!!!

Your schootching across the carpet was hilarious! :) All I could picture was my dog when he does that. Bad dog!

'Murgdan' said...

Hooray for sore boobies!!! Hope I see some good news posted here pretty darn soon! :-)

Jane G said...

The sore boobs sound promising. Mine aren't in the least bit sore

I've been having very vivid baby dreams this week. Twice I have dreamed that I have given birth to a red haired baby boy. Last night I had the dream again and this time when I went to breastfeed it turned out that he already had a mouthful of teeth. So I immediately asked the nurse for a bottle to feed him! John had a great laugh when I told him about it this morning.

I have to wait 17 days to test too. What a pain in the ass. And it is the slowwwwwest week ever here too. I really hope you get good news at the end of it.

Megan said...

My mother has told me that I have an unhealthy obsession with poop. You're not alone.

womb for improvement said...

What a headfuck. I hope you get a positive soon. (Still not tested - I'm impressed)

Xbox4NappyRash said...

"Does it make me seem really weird that poop brings me such joy?"

As long as you aren't squatting on a glass coffee table with hubby underneath, then no.

Jenn said...

Yea! Hopefully that is a good sign!

Loved your description of how slowly the time is going - so true! I feel like the second week is going even slower.

April said...

SORE BOOBIES!!!!! That's a good sign. In the beginning mine were sore on the sides which was weird but eventually they turned into lead weights. LOL

And I SO hear definitely appreciate being able to poop once you got through some time NOT being able to!!!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you.

Courtney said...

I tested on 12dpo. I dont know if I said that in my blog but I wanted you to know.