Monday, May 11, 2009

Slumlord update:

But first, I'd like to say...whom ever it was, that invented the rock tumbler contraption that now resides in my dining room, I hate you. You need to be donkey punched. I have 6 more days of listening to the thing go round and round and round.
Those rocks better be fuckin awesome when they come out of that thing. Seriously.

OK, and now back to the update.
Well, if you've been reading all along, you know that we are suing our previous slumlord. If you haven't been, here is the short version. Along with the mice, and septic issues, there were bugs, mold problems, a broken water heater, faulty wiring, and something was wrong with the was so bad we wouldn't even give it to the cats to drink. Etc etc. So we moved out. Long story short, we filed a small claims case against him for failure to return our security deposit and because he was trying to say that A.) he never agreed to the breaking of the lease and B.) he says we owed HIM like $1,700.00 in damages. Haaaa! Damages? We dumped hundreds and hundreds of dollars into that shit hole to try and improve it, however I could not continue to live there with my child in the condition it was in. Who would want to? Mold, mice, and raw sewage...I don't fucking think so. Well, the other day we got a letter in the mail from his attorney. Yes, friends, his fucking ATTORNEY. Not only did he get an attorney, but he is counter suing US.
He claims that there was nothing wrong with the apartment, and that he didn't allow the breaking of the lease. So today, I went and got some 5X7 and 8X10 pictures printed out of not only the septic tank overflowing but also before and after pictures of the inside of the house. I think between the pictures, the video of the tank over flowing, the receipts from Orkin, the witnesses we have, the receipts from Home depo for all the paint, primer etc to try and fix the place and the owner of the septic company vouching for us...I'm not worried. I think we have a fairly decent case. Don't you?
My mother seems to think we need to get an attorney as well. I don't really think its necessary though. I mean, facts are facts right? Pictures, witnesses...shouldn't that be enough to convince a judge of our case? I think so. But, maybe I'm just arrogant? Maybe I have to much faith in the legal system? Maybe mice, raw sewage, bugs, mold, bad wiring and everything else really aren't grounds to break a lease? I dunno. We shall see. But in the meantime, I'm gathering evidence. Getting pictures and receipts together, making phone calls to people that can write letters or possibly come to court with us, gathering it all together so that when we get a court date, we'll be ready. I honestly cant see how we could lose. Really. We did nothing wrong. We left that place in 1000x better condition than it was when we moved in and we met our end of the deal. He didn't. That cock monger.

Aaaand thats it. For now.


Joy said...

An attorney would be a great idea because there are all sorts of legal loopholes. Your attorney would work their hardest to help you win in teh case slumlord's attorney finds a loophole or something.

G said...

I can't believe your slumlord is still pursuing that case!! Surely his attorney has advised him not to waste his time??

Any more news on getting the case onto the Judge TV show??

(PS just read your last post about the lady coughing all over your counter, and guess what my word verification is... cooedes. Love it.)

Casey said...

That is just insane that he felt the need to get a lawyer. Maybe you should just consult one to see if they think it is necessary to have someone to back you up. Who is his lawyer?

womb for improvement said...

I kept meaning to ask what was happening with the TV thing. I guess that isn't going ahead then. I have to say I am with your Mum/ Joy on the attorney. Court cases don't always go on common sense but points of law and if you don't speak their language you can get caught out. However, saying that my perspective comes from the UK system, and you never know the judge might be inclined towards people who represent themselves rather than throwing money at the problem. If you win would the landlord be liable for your fees as well?

Gwen said...

Wow Sarah, that really sucks. I can not believe you had to put up with that bullshit. And that your ex-landlord is such a douchebag as to countersue you. What an asshole. Honestly, if you can afford it, I would get a lawyer. It can't hurt. And this guy really needs to be put in his fucking place. Keep us posted. Good luck.

Xbox4NappyRash said...

Judge Judy!

Sarah said...

Joy- Ugh. I hate loopholes. They are the suck.

G- Oh believe it. No, nothing with the TV show. I'm guessing he declined to appear.

Casey- I think he did it because he knows he is a fucking cock smooch.

WFI- What? You mean me telling him to kiss my lily white ass is legal jargon? Shit. Maybe we should look into a lawyer. Cause we need that expense like we need a hole in the head.

Gwen- I plan on verbally raking his testicles across a cheese grater.

X- Um, it appears that even though he is a giant penis face, he has actual balls. He wont go on TV.

Sarah said...

Oh and thanks for ready, Joy!

Sarah said...

Good grief.

Lets try that again shall we...


Thanks for reading, Joy.
Not ready, though maybe you are ready. But thats not what I meant.

Thanatos said...

Well, you could open with "I don't have an attorney because I intend to tell the truth!"

Sarah said...

Thanny- Yea, I'm thinking we're gonna be just fine. I mean, pictures dont lie right? We've got proof, and he is a scum bag with a lawyer. Pssht!