Sunday, June 7, 2009

What day is it?

Is it over yet? This weekend? I am 100% exhausted. Like, throw a tarp over me, I'm useless type exhausted.
Friday night, K had a gig in Windsor at a bar called the Blackboard cafe. The bar itself was OK, I guess. But I was alone. None of my friends wanted to go "all the way to Windsor". And K spent most of the night on stage, so with nothing better to do...I proceeded to get trashed. Fuck, that just makes me sound pathetic. Oh well. I did. I drank my ass off. Don't remember exactly how much I drank because I lost count after about 10 beers. But I do know I was D-R-U-N-K.
I drank, until I didn't care that I was surrounded by 40-50 year old women doing air guitar. I drank until the large man hovering near by stopped creeping me out. I drank until I stopped wanting to kill AM (one of the band members wives). I drank until I wasn't bored anymore, and then drank some more just in case. I had my phone and I texted a lot. I don't even remember everyone I talked to. I do know my sister kept sending me pictures of her puppy. And something about 7 layer dip...I dunno.

I would just like to interject here with a little bit about me, I am not a sloppy drunk. Ever. I don't get belligerent, I don't fall down, I'm not that kinda girl. I am a fun, lovey drunk. I can even hold a conversation and not sound all the shit faced. This little thing about me, has kept me out of SOOOOO much trouble. I am a good drunk.

However, I am a sucktastic next day drunk. Fucking hangovers. And because I am just THAT smart, I got trashed and then had to work at 9am. I'm almost certain I was still drunk on my way to work. I managed to make it to work on time and made it through the shift.
By the time I got out at 3, I was starting to feel a little more human. Now, most people would have gone home an went back to bed. I guess I'm not most people though. I did come home and watch T.V, but I didn't sleep. Why? Because we had plans.

We got together with my sister Diana, her boyfriend Reno, and KC and John. First we hit the Green Papaya and had some yummy Tai food, and then we headed off to the drive in. I hadn't been to the drive in, since I was about 11-12 years old. I was so excited and we had a great time! It was a double feature consisting of Night at the museum 2 and Star Trek. Both were really good. Reno managed to back straight into one of the metal poles. Ripped the thing right out of the ground, and yet not even a scratch on his truck. Which by the way is named Black Booty. Well, thats what I call it anyway. And while he wasn't to thrilled by it...for Diana and I, it was a great source of amusement. Seriously. We didn't get home until after 1am. And once again, I had to work at 9am today. Ooofa. I think I might still be in recovery from the hangover from hell. I'm not sure though. It may just be the fact that I've had little sleep this weekend.

So, that was my weekend.

Oh! And I have more proof that taking a pregnancy test is the auto complete button for getting my period! Obviously, I didn't want to go out drinking if there was a chance that I could be pregnant so I pissed on a stick. Heres the thing...this has happened to me before. Take a test then wipe and find out I got my period. So, I thought I'd wipe first to make sure it wasn't here and then POAS. Negative. And then, TA-DA! Hello, period. You whore. You tricky, mean bitch.
I have my appointment on Wednesday. I don't want to go. Stupid, I know. But I've thought about canceling it. *sigh*

So yea...thats it.

I smell food. My husband cooked. I must leave you now.


'Murgdan' said...

:-( Sorry about the pee stick...and I reading your post gave me a hangover.

Just Caz said...

You totally sound like the best drunk ever.
As for the hang over, im totally impressed you were still able to function.. I would have been dead on my feet for about a week.

I'm sorry about the pee stick.

Your big girl panties are falling down, quick pull them up!

Courtney said...

I think we were college buddies in a former life!

POAS and then get period! NOT FAIR!!

Sarah said...

Murgdan- Stupid pregnancy tests. I loath them.

Caz- I totally am. And honestly, I'm amazed that I made it through the day as well. I was even friendly to the patients.

Courtney- Isnt it ridiculous?! Like I said, its happened before too. Ugh!

womb for improvement said...

I don't know how you do it. I'm still suffering from Saturday night without work on Sunday.

April said...

Holy busy weekend, Batman! And now I reeeeeeally want to go to the drive-in. We (me and Big D) were JUST talking about it this weekend! Where did you go? Southington? Or wait, there is one in like Mansfield or something like that too, I think? (where the hell IS Mansfield? LOL). And honey if I wasn't big as a house and barely mobile I would have TOTALLY met up with you Windsor! That is only about 25-30 minutes from my house!

Sarah said...

WFI- Ugh, I dont know how I did it either to be honest. Working both days this weekend, I have to say todays day off was SO needed!

April- I had so much fun at the drive in. It was in Pleasant Valley.

Rassles said...

Man, getting your period is like the ultimate slap in the face. I'm not even trying to get pregnant and I still get all agitated when it comes.

I guess that's normal. Who likes it?

Crazy people, that's who.