Saturday, September 19, 2009

The past 2 weeks at a glance.

Work. Lots and lots of fucking work. Entirely to much work if ya ask me. Its flu shot season, and in case I've never mentioned it before, I fucking LOATH flu shot season. I'd rather have the flu, then deal with flu shots at work.

James (slum lord) was supposed to have paid us by 9-17-09. It is now 9-20-09 and that cock monger has yet to pay us. So that means we'll have to take his retarded ass back to court and ask to either have his wages garnished or his bank accounts. Whatever we do, it means another fucking day in court and time missed from work. I fucking hate that asshole. Fo sho.

My boss brought my name to corporate level. This, is a good thing. I plan on asking for a raise and to be made senior tech and having the pharmacy manager go to corporate and tell them all sorts of good shit about looks good. For me.

The house we live in, is no longer for sale. YAY for not having to move again anytime soon. That my friends, is a huge weight off my shoulders.

My period is fucking with me. I started spotting 4-5 days before my period was due. Not bleeding. Just light brownish spotting. And just a little tiny bit. I figured it was just my period coming a bit early. Nope. Been spotting for 2 days now. Not enough for a tampon, not really even enough for a pad. Basically its just a bit on the TP.

Boobs hurt. I'm hot all the time. I just feel a bit off.

I bought a test tonight and no surprise it was negative. So what the fucking fuck is my body doing then?! I'm glad I bought one of the cheap store brand tests, because I would have been even more pissed off had I actually spent more than $9. I thought for sure taking a test would convince my period to just make with the making. I mean, thats a sure fire way to get your period right? Take a pregnancy test. Always been that way in the past. But no, nothing. No period and no pregnancy. What the shit.

Two people I work very closely with just got married. Not to each other. Its only a matter of time before the "omg we're pregnant" announcements happen. I'm trying to mentally prepare myself now. So far...I'm not prepared. Nope, not one bit.

Thats about it. Goddamn I'm interesting.


Melissa said...

Try another in a few days. I got a negative three days beofrw I was due than drank myself into an obivilon at a going away party just to get a positive the next day. You never know. Not to get hopes up or anything, but it can happen.

I also hate flu season, because working retail doesn't offer alot of sick days so then a bunch of s.o.b.s show up to work and contaminate everyone else.

Lea said...

I've missed you! Kept meaning to stop by last week and send you a note. But I'm glad you posted. :)

Sorry about your stupid ex-landlord, your period, and the soon-to-be announcements. ((hugs))

Sarah said...

Melissa honey, you cant get my hopes up. I have no hopes. Flu season sucks balls.

Lea- Missed you too. One of the girls announced today she is starting prenatals next month. Ugh.

womb for improvement said...

I hate that teasing - 'look this could be a pregnancy symptom' - bastard bodies.

The problem with you only posting occasionally nowadays is there is so much to cover. Anyway, do you want me to go round and kneecap your slum-lord for you?

Sarah said...

WFI- My body is a bitchy whore. We're fighting. I still have yet to actually get my period.

As for the fucking fuck face asshole slumlord. I'm tempted to give his ass a call. And if he's rude, you may break his knee caps.