Monday, February 15, 2010

I changed my mind....I'll take the injections!!

I fucking hate Crinone.

It is the most vile, wretched, nasty shit I've ever had to use.


I would rather have painful shots in the ass, then shove this junk up my twat! I have never, in my life hated my vagina as much as I do now. I've also never felt the need to douche, and I'm thinking it sounds like a great goddamn idea right now! This is so not OK. I'm so not OK with any of this.

Disgusting. Absolutely disgusting.

I better be doing this for a good reason, and the ONLY acceptable reason would be that I'm pregnant. Otherwise....I may lose my mind. No woman should ever have to be this aware of her vagina.

Also? Those fucking fuckers clearly do not want me having sex anytime soon. There is NO way in hell I am letting my husband anywhere NEAR miss muff in the condition she is in. NO FUCKING WAY!! Maybe it sounds ridiculous to you.....but unless you've used it, you have no fucking clue. White stuff, people. Clumpy, fucking white stuff. Coming out of my vagina. I could cry.

Seriously, I'm close to tears. I hate this. My poor cootch.

Apparently this is normal. NORMAL. By whos fucking definition is CLUMPY WHITE STUFF normal??? ARGH!!

I have to go to bed, before I really do just break down and cry. With big messy snot bubbles, and my makeup running all over my face. Because really.....I dont think I could feel any less sexy than I do right now.


PJ said...

Yep. I'd do injections anytime over the goo. I did PIO until I was 10 weeks, I think. Although my ass hurt, and was lumpy and sore.

Sorry you're having to deal with that. I so hope it is worth it. :)

Sooooo, when are ya testing? :)

Sarah said...

PJ- I'm not really sure when I'm going to test...

Mols said...

I take Endometrin and am finding it to not be all that bad. Although, I am in complete agreement about not feeling sexy and absolutely not letting my husband anywhere in the vacinity!

It will be OK. Talk to the RE about the injections as soon as you can. I am sure they will switch you if you are that unhappy with them!


Anonymous said...

That stuff is AWFUL!! I literally had to clean out my junk every couple of days because I couldn't stand the thought/ feeling! uggg, I get the heaves just remembering. Why is that brand so bad and the other ones just absorb nicely???


womb for improvement said...

Oooh. Remind me not to go near that stuff.

c by the sea said...

i feel the same way! crinone is nangus and i'd rather be having shots!

good luck this cycle

Sarah said...

Mols- No friggin way, I paid over $200 for these crap ass applicators of doom. I'm at least gonna use them up and then we'll see.

Molly- I've never used anything else, but I know that this is awful. YUCK!!

WFI- Seriously, if given a choice STAY AWAY from it. Its wretched. Oh and did I mention it makes me really moody. Ugh!

CbyTS- Thanks! :)

Anonymous said...


So you have to "scoop" (freakin lovely right?) the excess white globby stuff out every a.m. before you shoot the new dose up into your lady will build up like a progesterone wall of burning hell & fire, itching like razor burn on a hot day in july if you don't. Also- TMI the build up can turn loverly shades of peach, yellow, green your hooch is rejecting a bag of skittles : ) All of the build up & rainbow colors are normal (truckin gross) but I found the crinone much easier to deal with once I got the ok from the RE to "sweep" my vag daily-oh the joys! Wishing you and your lady bits lots of luck-hoping you have good news to make it all worth the ickiness soon.


Bon said...

Oh no!!!!! The pio shots are 1000000000 times worse!!! Believe you me!!

Sarah said...

Melissa- *bangs head against wall*
Oh. My. Goddess! That is disgusting!

Bon- I have a freakishly high tolerance for pain. I think I could handle it.

Kansas said...

I've never had to try it. I am on progesterone supplements. Nasty! I call them my vagi vitamins. They're bad, but they don't sound as bad as yours. Or maybe I'm just used to it. Ew.

Sarah said...

I was going to ask you, Kansas, what type you were using. These are just gross!

Melissa....I took your advise, and OMFG, that was freaking awful.

Just me said...

Ugh. I hate the prog sups too. I'm scared of the IM injections, but I got used to sticking myself in the belly, so I could probably suck it up. But my doc doesn't do it unless necessary.

The first progesterone I took came with an applicator. But last cycle my insurance decided they aren't going to cover it, so now I get the kind that I have to put up there myself. It's like tampax vs. ob tampons. I mean, at this point, after everything, I can do it... but... ugh.

And, yes. My husband still wants to have sex.

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