Thursday, February 18, 2010

Progesterone is a tricky bitch...

Yes, I still hate Crinone. But today I hate it for a totally different reason than I did the other day. Don't get me wrong, I'm still 100% disgusted and entirely not happy about shoving something up inside me the gives me "clittly litter". Today, I hate it because it makes me crazy! Why? You ask. Well, because how am I supposed to feel pregnant or not pregnant when I have all these lovely side effects from the progesterone that mimic pregnancy symptoms?

Sore boobs? Yep, I gots 'em. They are huge(er), heavy and killing me! My poor nipples feel like if one more thing grazes them, they might just pack up and leave. Ugh. But...that could be the progesterone.

Feeling crazy tired? Oh yea...thats got my name alllll over it. I was at the bus stop yesterday waiting for Monkey, and I had to fidget and mess with stuff to keep myself awake. Buuuuut....that could just be the progesterone.

Slightly crampy? Uh huh. Got that too. And once again, its probably just the fucking progesterone.

Mood swings? OMFG, yes. Ask poor K. One minute I'm totally fine, the next I'm teary eyed and then the next after that...I'm ready to kill someone. *sigh* Stupid progesterone.

Getting up to pee in the middle of the night? For sure! As a matter of fact, I woke up to pee at about 4am today, and couldn't freaking fall back asleep! I was just laying there thinking about whether or not I might be pregnant. I thought for a minute that I was 7 days past the IUI (nope! only 6. shit!!) and I thought that maybe I might test in 3 days. Nope. At least 4 now. But, just like everything else...this could just be the progesterone messing with me.

Increased appetite? Yup. Ugh. Just ugh!

This just isn't fun.


Courtney said...

I hated the progestrone for all the exact same reasons- it was a mind fuck!

Fucking progestrone!UGHHHH!

womb for improvement said...

Hang on in there.

AmyC623 said...

I feel ya. But, for me, I actually was pregnant. It can happen, I promise. (((HUGS)))

Sarah said...

Courtney- Fucking progesterone indeed!

WFI- Got no choice but to hang on..for a little while longer anyway.

Amy- Thanks sweetie. How are you?

PJ said...

So when are you testing? :)

Sarah said...

I think, PJ...I am gonna do it the 22nd which would be 10 days past the IUI. Anything sooner, would be a waste.....right???