Tuesday, February 9, 2010


I am so freaking over all of these blood draws!

My arms look like that of a junkie. And the fact that since 1-31 I've had my blood drawn 6-7 times has caused scar tissue to form, which is causing it to be exceedingly more difficult and painful to have it done. And? I get to go back TOMORROW morning and have it done all over again. Crap!

Apparently, the doctor with the wand wants me to go another day. Another. Day.



Courtney said...

Damn that sucks! But I hope in the end it will produce what we are all waiting for with you!

Anonymous said...

Ugh. I'm sorry. What cycle day are you on now? Hoping tomorrow is it. (fingers crossed)

Jane G said...

What Courtney said. Hoping it will be worth every single blood draw in the end.

Sarah said...

Courtney- Me too Court, me too.

MPO- I've been stimming for 10 days.

Jane- Thanks. :)

PJ said...

You're almost there!

I have scar tissue in one of my veins and they still seem to be able to draw from it.

Mols said...

You should see the giant bruise on my arm from the anesthesiologists attempt at an IV for my retrieval. I feel your pain.
Thanks for believing in my embies. I believe in your follies, too :-)

womb for improvement said...

Well, it is all about Junky-chic this season.