Thursday, March 18, 2010

A quick update:

I went in on the 12th for a cyst check, and whadda ya know...they were gone. So I stopped the birth control (woo!) and started the gonal-f again on the 16th. They are keeping me on exactly the same dose as last time. Which is kinda frustrating because A.) I was under the impression we were going to tweak it a bit and B.) IT DIDN'T WORK LAST TIME! WHY ARE WE DOING THE SAME THING?? But, I guess they know what they are doing. (pffft!) This is my last shot with an IUI before moving on to IVF. I'd kinda hoped I'd never have to bring that acronym into my vocabulary. IVfuckingF. Blah.

I'll be very honest, I've got NO faith in this cycle. I mean, everything just feels off. My vagina for one...has been out of commission for a looooong time. Between the crinone and then my period and then the birth control which makes me bleed and then stopping the birth control which gave me another (super fucking early) period...gah! We're talking over a month. A freakin month! Thats a long ass time to have an out of order sign tacked to your business. I'm so ready to take back control of my va jay jay! Please and thank you!

So...thats about it.

Oh, and I hate my fucking job. Anyone want to hire me to be their bitch? Cause I am Sooooooooo over Walgreens. Did you know they can censor your outside life? Yea. They can. Well, they can try anyway. Thank fucking god, no one at work knows about this blog. Actually very few people IRL know about it.

Bottom line, Walgreens is one giant gaping asshole. They do not give a shit about their employees. And I hate them.

*the opinions on this page are not necessarily those of the Walgreens corp*

Ha! Take that, Mr.Walgreens in the sky. Asshole.


Mrs.Tiye said...

YAY for the cyst-free hooha! LOL
Though you're low on faith for this cycle, I'll still sprinkle a little babydust your way just in case. And ugh, don't get me started on overly-invasive jobs. I mean, why do they even have time to be all up in employee business like that!? Just goes to show, if you're all up in my facebook or twitter account, then you obviously don't have enough real work to do in your corner office.

womb for improvement said...

Maybe no faith in the cycle is a good thing. Maybe your uterus will surprise you. Maybe. Good luck anyways.

Anonymous said...

I feel the same way about wanting to take control of my own damn body. I'm sick of this! In fact, if this cycle doesn't work, I'm done for a while. GRRRR. I really hope you get a nice surprise this time. Meaning something GOOD.

Courtney said...

I want you to take back over your va jay jay too!

BTW- I hate Wal.greens too! They never had our f-ing prescriptions ready when they say they would for a couple of years even when I called it in- so we swtiched- Take that Mr Wal.greens in the sky!

I'd hire you to be my bitch- but I don't gots no money!

Sarah Herrick said...

You are so raw and honest and heart-achingly open, I find your comments and your 'hold nothing back' attitude strangly warming.
I think you are fabulous, fucks and all.
I wish you all the best in your quest for motherhood!

PJ said...

Yay for no cysts and another shot at getting pregnant! Even if you don't think it'll work, it's a try.

Sorry about your job.

Sarah said...

Mrs. Tiye- Heh, thanks for the baby dust.

WFI- When I least expect it, right?

MPO- Yea, seriously. I want my body back! I want my normal cycles. I want my own hormones. I'm so sick of this.

Courtney- I'm one of the best techs there, all (well most) of the customers love me. We try really hard to have everything done when its supposed to be. Walgreens on a whole is a douche bag though.

Sarah- Wow, thanks! And thanks for reading too.

PJ- Yea, a chance is a chance I guess.

Kansas said...

Hey girl, if you want to up your dosage, ask your doc. I told mine I wanted to double my clomid dose, she didn't double it, but she did increase it by 1 1/2.

OHSS my ass!