Monday, March 22, 2010

I'm not ready to be READY!

Got a call yesterday, apparently, I've had a really quick response to the Gonal-f this time around. WTF. OK? So I go in today, for another blood draw and an ultra sound. The Doc sticks the wand in and ta-da there is a GIANT follicle. Wait....what? Yea. A big mother fucker. 24.6!

And thats it.

I'm sure you're tilting your head to the side, trying to mentally calculate how long I'd been stimming for..I'll save you the trouble. 6 fucking days. Today would have been the 7th. Instead? I had to trigger tonight. With ONE goddamn fucking follicle. And another that was 13, but we all know that jerk wont catch up. ONE FOLLICLE. GAH! I dropped $80 on my meds today. FOR ONE, STUPID, probably not even a real follicle-follicle. Its probably just a cyst that the twat swatters missed the last time I had an ultra sound. My ONE follicle is probably a dud.

I don't understand what the shit happened in there. I mean. The dosage was EXACTLY the same as last time. I mean EXACTLY. So what the fuck happened?!

I do believe the next stop on this IF journey will be IVF. *sigh*

I knew from the very start of this cycle that is wasn't going to be a good one. I just KNEW.

So, I go in on Wednesday to have the IUI. Start taking the progesterone vagi tabs, wait for my period to come and then talk to Dr.E about IVF.

Fuck me.


Fertility Chick said...

Dammit - having spent hundreds of dollars on one damn follicle I feel your frustration. Hoping though, that this one giant mother of a follicle comes through for you - the s.o.b. better since it's been gorging on the meds all by itself!!

Also? Twat swatters may just be the best term ever. EVAH.

Amber said...

Hey lady...I know it's hard, but stay positive!!!

PJ said...

You never know, that could be the one!

Courtney said...

The cycle I got the girls, I thought was a bust cycle cause I kept "Losing follicles" so-

Here's cheersing to your "BFP cycle" from your "bust cycle"

Twat swatters- LMAO!

myprettyones said...

Darn it. Well, I hope it surprises you. I know how frustrating that is though. HUGS!

Kansas said...

That's aggrevating. In IF it's all about odds, and the odds with 1 do suck.
I don't want to get all rainbows and unicorns on you (because I hate it when people get all rainbows and unicorns on me when I'm pissed), but all it takes is 1.

Sarah said...

Fertility Chick- Heh. Glad you like the term twat swatters. Makes sense though, right?

Amber- I'm trying. Its not working, but I'm trying.

PJ- It COULD be. I doubt it is...but it COULD be.

Courtney- Key word? FollicleS. I have but one measly folliclE.

MPO- Thanks for the "hugs" I def need them right now.

Kansas- Thanks for not blowing sunshine up my ass. My husband gave me the "we only need one" stupid ass speech and I damn near choked him via text. lol. Yea, the odds with one....not so good.