Sunday, May 2, 2010

13(almost 14)DPO

No spotting.


I figure if I write that here, I'll get my period. Because I mean, everyone knows jinxing yourself is real. Hello?
I cant bring myself to buy a pregnancy test. I find it much easier to handle a phone call saying "so sorry, but no." than those horrible negative HPT's.

But....I kinda wanna know. Y'know? *sigh* I guess I'll wait and see what tomorrow brings. Period or no period. I guess time will tell.

In other news, I won an ipod touch! Yea, me. I have never won anything. In. My. Life. I'm so excited!

And? We adopted a puppy today! I must have lost my damn mind. We adopted ourselves a 7 month old Shih-tzu. He is really adorable. And is missing one of his back paws. They think the mama dog may have chewed it off. (ahh!!) We get to bring him home this coming friday. I guess if I cant have a baby, I may as well have a puppy?

This isnt the best pic (of me or the pup) I'll post a better one once we get him home and named.

So thats it, for now.


Pre-Heated Oven said...

Yay for the new puppy! I always say that I want a dog, but we never actually go through with it. And that's so awesome that you won the iPod Touch!
And I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you that this is still your month!

People in the Sun said...

A dog is a big deal. Probably more than the iPod thingy, even. Good luck!

Amber said...

For one...yay on the no spotting, hope this month in THE month. After all you've adopted a dog, I hear stories all the time of people adopting and then finding out that BAM, they are pregnant. For're not anything close to resembling the word "fat" like you've been saying...and I love your eyelashes.:) Whoohoo! You could be pregnant!

Sarah said...

PHO- You can uncross your fingers. This is not my month. *sigh* Oh well.

People in the sun- I'm pretty excited about getting the puppy! We've tossed the idea around for a while now, and once my husband and I saw this little guy, we fell in love. :)

Amber- Heh thanks. I've been accused of wearing fake eye lashes. LOL. As for being "fat"...fat is such an ugly word. I AM significantly over weight though. ;) But thats about to change. I have to drop 30lbs before I am willing to start IVF. I only get two chances. I need to have them be the best chances they can.

PJ said...

I admire your pee stick will power, especially working at a pharmacy where they are so available!

Hmmm... a new puppy AND a new baby? :)

Keeping my fingers crossed for ya!

♥ Jennerific ♥ said...

Why in the world would that mother dog chew her pup's foot off?? Actually, being a mom, I think I can sort of figure that out on my own. *kidding*
Good luck!!! I'm sending you preggo vibes this month and hoping it is your month.

Amber said...

I guess "hefalump" was the word, much better than the gross word I used. I hope I didn't offend you :)

Sarah said...

PJ- Yea, I am pretty stubborn. When I say I am not gonna do something....most of the time, i dont.

Jen- Thanks hun, unfortunately I dont need them anymore. This just wasnt the month.

Amber- LMAO. I am so hard to offend. No worries. :)

Keepontrying said...

YAY - for a puppy!
Sorry this month was a bust.

Bon said...