Friday, April 30, 2010

Symptom watch...

AKA "How one could make herself crazy in less than 2 weeks!"

Today is 11DPO and the symptoms are as follows:

* Sore boobs. Though, not as sore today as they were a couple of days ago.
* On and off low back ache.
* On and off cramping.
* Breaking out like crazy. Seriously. Its bad. All I can say is, THANK FUCKING GODDESS for Bare minerals being the awesome product that it is!
* A little heartburn.
* Did I mention the cramping? Cause its starting to bum me out.
* I'm hungry all the time
* I seem to be shedding more than usual. Is that even a symptom?
* Breaking out. Really, really badly. My friggin face looks like a hormonal teenagers. Its so not cool.

So yea, those are the "symptoms" And hey, guess what? Just about every single one of those could be from either the vagi tabs or my impending period. Go fucking figure.
Speaking of the vagi tabs, they are on manufacture back order. Greeeeeat. The release date isn't until JUNE. Argh! If by some miracle, I am actually knocked up...I'll need to find something else. And I am SO not doing the Crinone again. I'd rather lick dirt.


AmyC623 said...

So....are these symptoms different from the previous IUIs? I hope so. I really want this shit to be over for you!

Courtney said...

The symptoms while on those fucking progestrone supplements throws everything off! I HATE them!

I decided after 3 months to not analyze my symptoms cause I KNEW this month was it! And then it wouldn't be, but then I would try again and this was it and then it wouldn't be!

I hope the shedding means a BFP!

People in the Sun said...

I don't know anything about anything, but I did lick dirt once. I was seven. I made a deal with God that if I lick dirt He'd help me find my house keys. I didn't. I stopped believing in God that day.

Sarah said...

Amy- I dont know...some days I think they are a little different, some days I dont. *sigh*

Courtney- Exactly! Every single thing I am feeling, is most likely from the friggin vagi tabs!

PITS- Ahahahahaha! Pits..
What? Oh, sorry. Yea, I stopped believing in the invisible man in the sky quite some time ago. How bad was the licking dirt? :)

People in the Sun said...

It was a little crunchy, actually.

Melissa said...

alright, blog is gone.

new one is: