Friday, May 14, 2010

So my WTF appointment wasnt so WTF-ish.

I went. We talked. We're gonna do IVF with ICSI..uh..or is it ISCI? Fuck it, whatever. The thing where the actually force the little spazy sperm into my egg. That one.

I told him I needed a couple of months to drop some weight. He said I'm not THAT over weight, but I personally think he was just being nice. I'm feeling like a heifer these days.

So....on 6/3 we go to our first IVF class. Then I'll have another appointment on 6/11 where he'll do....some stuff. I dunno. Some IVFish stuff.

*sigh* I probably should have taken notes. Worst infertile eva.

Bottom line. IVF here we come. As soon as I lose some weight. Yay me!


Courtney said...

I don't think you are overweight at all!

Ok so IVF with ICSI.

June 3rd isn't that far off. I am waiting with bells and whistles!

Pre-Heated Oven said...

Woohoo, can't wait to hear how it all goes!
Good luck with the weight loss. I'm a little chubby myself, but I thought whooooo cares. I'm gonna lose all this weight just to get knocked up anyways.
Hand me another bowl of ice cream.

Anonymous said...

That's not far away at all! I know you probably have mixed feelings about the whole thing, but I'm excited for you! Lots of luck with the weight loss in the meantime. FUN.

womb for improvement said...

Love, if there is one thing that the medical professionals DON'T do is say something like you don't need to lose weight just to be nice.

Looks like we'll be IVFing together.

Sarah said...

Courtney- I'm def overweight. Trust me.
As for June 3rd, we're just getting the ball rolling. I dont plan on actually doing IVF until the end of July.

PHO- I cannot be this heavy and then get pregnant. I would hit 200lbs. I know it. And that is SO not cool!

MPO- I fucking hate trying to lose weight.

WFI- I dont plan on anything until at least the end of July.

Just me said...

We're an ICSI couple too. It certainly has improved our fertilization... we went from ZERO to like 85%.

Of course, we have plenty of other issues. But at least we get over the fert hump.

PJ said...

ICSI, it's a good thing!

Hmmm... they will probably do a saline sonogram, and make you and your husband take some type of antibiotic.

And yea, June 3rd is right around the corner!!!

Sarah said...

Yes! PJ, thats the one. The saline thingy. Which to me, sounds WAY to fucking much like an HSG.

April said...

Believe me, hun, if you were overweight they'd tell you. LOL I learned that in the very beginning of my pregnancy (when I'd only gained like a couple pounds) after the dr. examined me and I heard him mumble to the nurse among other things "the patient is overweight". Bastards. LOL

GOOD LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kelley @ magnetoboldtoo said...

this made me laugh so hard.

I am totally like that with the 'oh whatever they said something blah blah blah'

Anonymous said...

IVF with ICSI - is actually ICSI. Even better chances that IVF! xxx