Sunday, September 12, 2010

Worst freakin blogger, evar!

Apparently, when I'm not angry, sad or suffering in some way....I've got nothing to say. I don't seem to be writing nearly as much since I decided to tell IF and all that goes with it, to fuck off. I guess I'm just more verbose when there is something bad/hard/scary/sad going on.

I mean don't get me wrong, I've got my fair share of drama and shit. I just don't seem to want to write about it. Its different. I don't feel like I belong to the same community, so I don't put all my woes out there like I used to.

Some of the things rattling around in my head should just stay there anyway, so I guess thats for the best.

See? Like right now? I feel like I am writing, just to write. There is no real reason other than to just see the words appear on the screen. Bah! Laaaaame.


This is probably one of the worst posts I've ever done. I really have nothing (that I'm willing) to share here. I don't belong here anymore.

I quit being infertile.

What? you didn't know you can just quit?! You totally can! I did. Did you notice I got rid of my spermy header? Gone! Just like that. I shifted some of the IF related things to the bottom of the page ( I imagine I'll get rid of them someday...) I don't really feel like crying anymore when I hear of someone getting pregnant. I'm done. Its really weird. Like a switch flipped.

So, because I am no longer actively trying to get myself knocked up....I am no longer infertile. Put THAT in your juice box and suck it!


Courtney said...

I LOVE ya!

Still want to know you are alive and would like some more make-up pictures/stories!

Sarah said...

Back atcha, Lovie.

I dont think I'll vanish, or at least thats not my plan.

Courtney said...

Ok good don't wanish!

I mean, you are like my twin... no one I know says "fuckity fuck" but you and me! We have to be some sort of twin!

If you plan to run away at least send me a message on my blog so we can email or some shit!

myprettyones said...

I still love you!! And hope you don't disappear too. :) I like your new blog design. It may have been that way for a while, I'm not sure. I read in Google Reader, so I don't always notice these things! Can't wait to see some make up shots too...

womb for improvement said...

Yeah, I want to hear about your make-up course.

And how working with your sister is working out.

And if you are going to move again ('cause surely you are breaking some kind of record where you are now).

Martin said...

Curious about so many many things.

Like do ye do anal bleaching at the salon? and will you be posting pictures?