Friday, November 26, 2010

Temptu Airbrush.....for FREEEEEEE?

Go HERE to enter to win....I did! I freakin want this!

Also? I just scored $157.00 dollars worth of Urban Decay eye shadows for.......$48.freakin dollars! Black Friday, has done me well. Go to their website. Check it out. But first go enter the contest. No....wait.....dont! I want to win. Or maybe if you win, you can just give it to me? That'll work too.

Either way....

OoooOoO!! And? I am also now a M.A.C pro member. Know what that means? It means that THIS bitch, gets 40% off M.A.C cosmetics!! Oh yea. I could get into serious trouble....Mwahahahahahahahaha!!


Amy said...

You're so cute! I wish you and your fancy, fun make-up many hours of happiness together :)

Sarah said...

Amy- Hiya honey! I could literally spend my entire pay check on makeup without batting an eyelash. I think my husbands head would explode messy.