Saturday, May 19, 2012

Please take a moment to read this..

... A client and dear friend to the salon needs your help. 

Jen Joseph has been a client of my sister Dianas for almost 6 years. Over the years we've grown to know and love her kids, Grace who is 6 and Jacob who is 3 and Jen is now expecting her 3rd child. They live right outside of Riverton on a small farm. It was her husband Steve's dream to have a farm, and it seemed like each time we saw the either of them there were new animals being added into the mix. Jen and Steve would always come to the salon with tons of fresh veggies, eggs, meat and their little guy Jacob with his muddy work boots and all. Even at 3 Jacob wants to be a farmer, just like his dad.

Thursday afternoon Steve was doing a side job helping remove a tree, when the tree fell and Steve was hit. Jen kept Diana posted for those two days, until last night when we got word that Steve had passed. My heart is broken for Jen, Grace, Jacob and the little baby who will never get to meet his father.

That's why I am asking for your help.

Some of you might know that Jen Joseph works at Charlotte Hungerford Hospital, but she cannot work right now because of her high risk pregnancy.

So, the next time you are at the grocery store, Target, Walmart, Mobil (etc. etc.) ask yourself if there is any room in your budget to help Jen and the kids. Now is the time to step up and help a family in need.

I am asking that all gift cards, diapers, wipes, baby supplies, and cash donations be dropped off or mailed to the salon over the next 2 weeks. We ALL have a little extra to give.

Head Over Heels Hair Studio
250 Albany Turnpike Suite i (the taco bell and kfc plaza on rt 202)
PO Box 152
Canton, CT 06019

We cannot bring back a good man, but we can help a good woman who needs her community to band together. She and her family have supported Dianas business when many others have not, and it is our goal to help and support her as much as we can now...

Thank you in advance for your generosity.
Diana Benne Gompper (Owner/Stylist at Head Over Heels Hair Studio, LLC)
Sarah Hansen

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That_Girl said...

i admire you for being so caring and thoughtful. i have been sitting here reading your posts and i just looked at the clock and ive been on here for almost 30 minutes just reading your posts. Dont give up and dont get discouraged, you have a child who loves you and who one day will realize just how much you have done for me i took me 9 years but i finally saw how much my own mother did so that i could have a normal life. I would like it if you would take a look at my blog and read some of my posts(i dont have many yet)i would love to hear your perspective on some of the things i talked about :) thanks