Monday, May 28, 2012

Wanna know what I love??

I love when you bend over backwards for someone, be it a friend, a husband, a family member, a boyfriend, a colleague (who it is,doesnt matter) but you bend so far over backwards for that person that its almost physically painful.  But you do it.  Because you care.  And that person barely acknowledges you.  Or what you do.  Or how much you care.  And yet you just keep giving and giving...

I love feeling disposable.  Something to be used and then discarded.  Oh, wait...human beings arent disposable??  Well shit...

I love when people only want you in their life, when its convenient for them.  When there is nothing better going on.  Or they need/want something from you.

I love feeling wholly unappreciated.  

I love not feeling good enough.  Its an amazing feeling.   

I love being treated like I'm fucking stupid, like I cant SEE whats going on.  Yea, fuck you right in your face.

I looooove being lied to. Just ask my ex-husband.  He'll tell you how well lying to me works out. 

I love the fact that I put up with this shit.  Sometimes, I wanna punch myself in the face. 

Shit.  Maybe I really AM stupid.  Goooooooddamit. 


End rant.

1 comment:

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