Wednesday, July 19, 2006

I think not

Okay so today, I (in my infinite wisdom) decided that going for a run would relieve some of my stress. bwahahaha!

I suppose it did make me feel better ( for the time being ) but only because I laughed my little ass off!! This is how it ended up unfolding:

1.) By the time I got there...I had to pee so bad I almost went back home.. buuut I figured I was there, and if I DID go home, chances are I wouldn't go back.. besides once i got running I wouldn't notice that my wittle bladder was full. right? wrong. No biggie, I could have ignored that.

2.) Thanks to the inability of people to listen to simple directions...I couldn't keep my friggin hair up! After stopping twice to pull it back up, I just gave my hair was EVERYWHERE. It was a pretty sight. Keir my love, I am happy to say I was alone in the woods...because had a man happened upon me...well, he may have just tried to sweep me off my feet i was looking that good! All hot and sweaty, with my hair looking a mess, and laughing like an idiot! heh heh heh!

3.) HORSE FLIES....nasty little buggers! fortunately, my hair flopping all over the place kept them at bay for a bit. Meh

4.) This is the best part....If you decide to go running, do a test "run" at home first to make sure whatever you are wearing is going to work WITH you NOT against you. Heh! The "leggings" I was wearing, did NOT work with a matter of fact, the were trying to come off me. As I was running, they were slipping down further and further..until I had some serious coin slot showing ( not to worry, I had a long enough shirt on that I was able to cover it) Sooooo I had to stop a couple of times to pull them up..that just wasn't going to work for I TRIED holding them as I ran. HA!!

Needless to say, I didn't make it very far...maybe 2 miles before I was laughing so hard ( at myself ) that I had to turn around. sheesh! Whata trip.

Next time, I will pee before I leave, make sure I have the proper hair tie to keep this mess out of my face, and wear clothes that aren't going to fall off me while I run.

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