Friday, May 11, 2007

Things I think about

Ok, so after a recent conversation with my ex-husband at Monkeys T-ball game I have come to the conclusion that having nuts has gotta SUCK! He was informing me that Monkey would need to start wearing a cup once he moved on from T-ball, and then told me of his first experiences with his cup back in the day, and it sounded AWFUL.

And from there my active little imagination kept going. It started with the thought of having to wear something surrounding my genitals, something hard and plastic that would be rubbing on my thighs, and making me sweat in uncomfortable places.
To that I say BOO!
But that led to the thoughts of WHY I would be wearing this hard plastic obstruction in the first Okay, makes sense. But seriously, how suck-tas-tic is that? If I get hit in the boob, sure it hurts and chances are the person that caused the pain will be in far more pain than I...but if YOU GUYS get hit in the nuts without your trusty plastic cup...You're on your knees throwing up! Huh...I get hit and I thwack someone upside the head, you get hit and you're sweating, throwing up and wishing to die. Doesn't sound fun to me.

Never mind the pain, damaging those little guys could take away your ability to have children!( granted I can think of a few people that shouldn't anyway but still...) You have this odd little dangley set between your legs that you have to be aware of and protect all the times, or we could go extinct! Obviously, I think this is far to much responsibility for you to have placed on your shoulders.

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