Thursday, July 10, 2008


Its going to be a short one because Mr.Man (the 7 year old one) is getting antsy and wants to go swimming. Not that I can blame him, as I think its about 80 something degrees out. If I hadnt just gotten my monthly present from Aunt Flo 2 freaking days early, I may have gone swimming as well. Speaking of that bitch Flo....
I really was hopeful for this month. I felt pregnant. My boobs hurt. My nipples were bigger and super sensitive. I just had a feeling. I've been waking up in the middle of the night to pee and I NEVER do that. And I've been having baby dreams or pregnancy dreams just about every night. But apparently if you want it bad enough you can make yourself feel pregnant. Or maybe I just read into my "symptoms" to much. Symptoms that turned out to just be PMS. =/ Or maybe I'm just nuts. Either way, I'm not pregnant. I woke up this AM after another "oh honey! I'm pregnant!!" dream. These are the dreams where I find out we're pregnant, and try to think of some super sweet and clever way to tell my husband that he is going to be a daddy. Yea, I've got ideas up the ying yang if it actually ever happens. Anyway, I woke up and went into the bathroom because I of course had to pee. I looked at myself in the mirror and saw how HUGE my boobs are, and I thought to myself "damn girl! those are def baby boobs!" and so I took a test. And I sat there on the toilet praying "please, please, please, please say PREGNANT" but it didn't of course, it said NOT PREGNANT. And then I got my period. Like literally. I felt like crying.

This isnt going to get any easier is it? My husband goes on Friday for his SA. We shall see.

And there it is. My very first post.


keir said...

We were both let down this time, but not giving up by a LONG shot. Time to call on the medical community to shed a little light on things...but hey, just watch where you're shining that thing, doc!

Anonymous said...

I will send baby energy your way!
Aunt Liz