Friday, July 11, 2008

My sweet husband.

I do love that man. Yes indeed. Today my DH went to have his semen analysis done. They say it'll be about 3 days before THEY have the results, but about 2 weeks before Dr.Chang gets the results....Ummmmmm what? Why on earth is it going to take 2 weeks to get paperwork to his Dr? I mean its not like they are sending the sample itself for craps sake! Its paper. Even snail mail isn't THAT slow. And really, if thats the case, can I just come pick up the papers and bring them to the office? We want to know whats going on. Hurry up and wait has never been my strong suit. As is, I cant even get in to see my damn OBGYN until August 15th. And its not even MY OBGYN. Well, I guess she is now....but I've never met her before. MY OBGYN vanished off the face of the earth. The bitch. I liked her.
But anyway, My hubby went to do his part to get this baby ball rolling. And I dont think he realizes just how much it means to me that he went. I can only begin to imagine how awkward it must have been. But he did it, and it wasnt even begrudgingly. He's such a trooper. I felt like maybe I was making him do it, but he has assured me that he wants this as much as I do and starting with him was the logical thing to do. Sure, why not.

So, over the past few months I have been reading a lot on infertility, both mens and womans. And I was at least slightly relieved to see that there are things that can be done before the whole IVF-sell-your-soul-to-the-highest-bidder-to-pay-for-this, thing. Obviously we cant afford thousands and thousands of dollars. So this took a little weight off my chest. I'm also learning all sorts of new lingo and acronyms;

U/S=Ultra Sound
CD - Cycle Day

DH - Dear Husband
BD - Baby Dance
AF - Aunt Flo (Period)
BFP - Big Fat Positive
BFN - Big Fat Negative
FMU - First mornings urine

IUI - Intrauterine Insemination
POAS - Peeing on a stick (Taking a pregnancy test)
DPO - Day's past ovulation
O - Ovulation

OPK - Ovulation Predictor Kits
TI - Timed Intercourse
TTC - Trying to Conceive
T-TTC - Trouble Trying to Conceive

There are so many more, but I cant keep track. I'm still a newbee. I'll learn if need be. *sigh* I suppose maybe this counts as "need be"? Does TTC for a year equal infertility(IF)? Are we one of those couples my heart breaks for that cant have a baby? Are we there? A deep ache in my stomach says yes, we may very well be there. But then there is the hopefull part that says dont get discouraged. And I'm not, we're going to do EVERYTHING we can do. I'm just so scared that we'll try all the "affordable" things and be left with only IVF. And that thought makes me want to cry. We DEF cant afford IVF. Not by a long shot.
We just want a baby. Actually we had planned on 3 more. Never did we think we would have problems getting pregnant. Not in our wildest dreams. I have a child already, and he is so healthy. What could go wrong? Apparently there are all sorts of things that can.

Speaking of wanting children, and not being able to have one, I feel a rant building up, has been for quite some time......but I'll save this one for its very own blog. Tomorrow perhaps.

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