Thursday, July 17, 2008

As promised

Ok, if you are on state funded insurance, you may not want to continue reading this as I may become very agitated and may say some not nice things. Actually its pretty much a guarantee. For those of you that know me, you know I work in a pharmacy. And now even the ones who dont know me, know. Anyway....Here is my question; please explain to me how it is, that a person who does not work, is on state insurance and has everything paid for them by my taxes should be driving a brand new car? Or carrying a coach wallet? Or wearing brand new designer clothing? OR HAVING MORE BABIES?! I cannot seem to wrap my head around this phenomenon. I see it every day though. Someone comes in and has a hissy fit because the state has decided not to pay for $1.05 of there prescription. And they have the nerve to rant and rave and bitch and moan until we SDL it, for $1.05!!!! Its a fucking dollar! And thats tooooo much, yet they are driving brand new cars.....I bet that car note is way more than the fucking dollar they are refusing to pay! My husband and I work our asses of and we have to drive piece of shit cars. And this loser who is PERFECTLY capable of working(yet doesnt) is having the state pay their way. But buying a new fucking car!? How is this possible? Or even better....The woman who are on state, with their 6 children all by different fathers. They barely take care of the children they have, and they are allowed to keep popping them out at light speed on my tax dollar! And my husband and I are having problems just having one. We're good, hard working people. And we PAY $170.00 a fucking week for our family to have insurance.
Please understand that I know there are people out there who absolutely need state insurance. Who honestly cant work, or really and truly do need help. And I get that. But I see FAR more people who are just lazy, good for nothing piece of shit leeches! Fully capable of getting a job, but they choose not to....I mean why work when the state will pay for your rent, your food and your medical needs? Oh and they'll pay for all your bastard children too.
Heres and idea sweetheart, close your goddamned legs, get and fucking job, and take care of the babies you already have!!

And thats it. Its to hot to keep sitting here. Phew!

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