Monday, August 18, 2008

August 18th 2008

Today marks one full year that my husband and I have been married. Goddess, it went by fast! Like really fast.
DH has to work all day, and I have to work all night. Basically we wont see each other at all. *insert sad face here*

Its been a tough year, a really tough year. Lots of tears, heartache and hard times. But y'know what? Its OK, because if we can make it through what we've already been through over the past year and still love each other as much if not more than the day we got married.......
Together, WE can make it through ANYTHING the universe can throw at us. Anything at all.

G'head give it a try.....we're unbreakable.


keir said...

We ARE unbreakable, and anyone who knows us well can attest to that. This year has taught me that love can know no limits, and when given the opportunity, can stand in the face of the sharpest critics and laugh -- the sort of laughter that starts from the ground up, and invites all who hear it to join in.

Happy first anniversary, my beautiful bride -- one of countless.

I know it's hard to count on anything
'Cause no one knows just what tomorrow brings
Still here we are, we've shared so many years
We've come this far, there's nothing to fear
You will see
You and me
Will always be.

Xbox4NappyRash said...


Quite funny that now 3 TTC couples that I know of have their anniversary on Aug 17/18!

Malky B. said...

Happy Anniversary. Here from xbox. I did hear from listening to fertility podcasts that women who work nights can have a harder time ovulating. Usually ovulation occurs between 12:00 midnight and 6:00 am and you need to be asleep for this to happen. You might want to mention this at your doctors appointment. Best of luck.

Sarah said...

Oh no no...I dont work nights like 3rd shift or anything. Our pharmacy closes at 10, so I'm home by 10:20 or so. But thanks for that heads up. I imagine a lot of woman dont know that. =)