Thursday, August 7, 2008

*Big sigh*

I have nothing profound to say.
No big news.
Nothing to update really.

I've written, deleted, and written this post a few times. We'll see if this one sticks.

I'm just in a mood.
As I'm guessing you can tell from my last blog, not a really great mood. I'm trying really hard NOT to be sucked down by the negativity. Because thats just not going to help. Not at all. Being mega bitch isn't going to get me pregnant.
Its not going to put more money in the bank.
Its not going to fix my house.
Really the only thing its going to succeed in doing is pushing people away. And who wants that? Not I! So, once again......I am TRYING to look at things in a different light. Yea, I have my woes...who doesn't? And yes, we're having a hard time getting pregnant....but hey, so are a TON of other people! But the bottom line is, I am still a pretty lucky girl.
I have a gorgeous, loving husband.
I have a healthy, intelligent, sweet little boy
Though I have only a handful of friends by choice, they are the BEST friends ANYONE could ask for. I love them all so much. Here are a few pictures. Some are missing, I couldnt find pics of everyone.
I have a job, its not a great job...not my speed really...but its a job!
We have a place to live. It makes me cringe, and it has SO MANY ISSUES. But its somewhere to live.
Family. I have my family.

So, next time I feel the weight of my problems pushing down on me....I need to think about those things. I NEED to focus on those good things, and not the shitty things. Because the good things......they are SO good!!


SAHW said...

Good for you for consciously trying to focus on all the positives in your life...I imagine most of us do indeed have so much to be grateful for, but we get bogged down in what we don't have - it takes effort to pull ourselves out of that, and reminders from others always help - so thanks for reminding me! :)

keir said...

This extremely fortunate and very thankful husband happens to be very proud of his wife of nearly one full year, and believes that she has more positives in her life than even these. She just doesn't see 'em all, because they have to do with her, her beauty, strength, wit, humor, and just general amazingology-ness... =*

Kelley said...

Sometimes it is hard to concentrate on the blessings in your life. Sometimes you just need to wallow and say IT IS NOT FREAKING FAIR!

Life is like that. If everything was peaches and sunshine all the time you wouldn't appreciate anything.

Good on you for trying to see the positive, but it is OK to be annoyed.