Sunday, August 10, 2008

What would YOU do?

So after reading a post written by Kelley on her blog, I decided to "borrow" her idea. So here goes....If money wasn't an object what would YOU do with it? Kelley opted for a trampoline room. How freakin cool is that!? Stress relief anyone? Ohhhhhhhh yea! Fighting with your husband? Go to the trampoline room. Woooo!! And an interesting elephant style slide for the kiddies. Ya gotta see the pictures to appreciate it.

So....what would I do? Hooo boy! Money isn't an object? Like I have ALL the money in the world to play with? Well.......

First, I would buy us a big beautiful house somewhere in the country at least 4 bedrooms, and 2 bathrooms. Nothing garish, just something beautiful. Something like this would do juuust fine:Oh, and to go with my house in the country....I would need my bubble. My temperature controlled bubble, that insured bugs wouldnt touch me. Hahahaha! I dont do well with nature touching me. Ew! I wouldnt stay in it forever. Just when I was being bothered by nature.
*Ok, this was the best picture of a person in a bubble I could find. Because apparently searching google for anything with the word bubble in it, brings MASS amounts of dicks, and asses....or dicks IN asses. GAG*

Then, I would get us pregnant....because as MANY of you know....that shit is expensive. Really fucking expensive. So it would be babies ahoy! I'd just keep trying, and trying until those 4 bedrooms were occupied by babies. We want four total. So 3 more would be the goal.Then, obviously I'd pay off all the blood sucking bill collectors. The bastards.

And I'd put a shit load of money in savings for my 4 children I am going to have.

And then....because I DO have a selfish side, after all of my babies are born I would pay to have my body reconstructed to look like this woman:

because seriously, she is gorgeous. Hey now!

And thats what I would do, if money was no object. Oh, and I'd help my family and friends out too. Y'know cause I'm nice and shit.

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